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Partition backup and copy

  • It is quite necessary for user to perform partition backup with the fast development of network technology. There is every reason to believe that each computer user would more or less download some resources or browse assorted websites from the heterogeneous internet during which the computer has involuntarily infected some virus-attached pages resulting in devastating result, for example, data damage. Now user may think that they should have backed up those important data so as to avert great loss. In this regard, user may need a third-party partition manager to backup partition. Here I would like to recommend user MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition - a powerful yet safe disk management tool.

    MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition
    MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition is an all-in-one partition manager offering dozens of disk management functions and supporting almost all Windows operating systems and file systems.
    Disk management: copy disk, wipe disk, check disk and convert disk type, etc.
    Partition management: resize partition, merge partition, create partition, delete partition, format partition, convert partition format, copy partition, etc.
    Furthermore, MiniTool Partition Wizard still possesses power-off protection functions to guarantee data safety.

    Backup partition with MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition:
    User could download MiniTool Partition Wizard at MiniTool Partition Wizard Download Center and install it to computer.
    User would come to following interface after running MiniTool Partition Wizard:

    Select the desired partition and click "Copy" to enter setting interface:

    Select the target position to backup partition, Disk 2, for example, then click "Next" to enter next interface:

    Now user could set destination partition size by transversely dragging the arrow ("Copy the partition with resize" must be checked) or directly entering accurate values in the textbox. After that, click "Finish".

    Now user could notice some changes in this interface, for instance, Disk 2 is divided into three parts, NTFS partition in the middle and unallocated space at both ends. Click "Apply" at the top left corner to execute all pending operations displayed at the left side. Thus, the partition will be successfully copied.