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Change Cluster Size

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    About "Change Cluster Size"

    As we know, cluster is the smallest logical amount of disk space that can be allocated to hold and manage a file in Windows operating systems. One cluster can only hold one file, but one file can take up multiple clusters. If users save large files to file system with small clusters, data read-write speed will be reduced. If they save small files to file system with large clusters, a lot of disk space will be wasted. Therefore, it is very necessary to change cluster size reasonably, and Change Cluster Size feature in MiniTool Partition Wizard can help do this operation with ease.

    Note: MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition does not support changing cluster size, so please download professional edition or advanced editions for this support.

    Next, let's see MiniTool Partition Wizard tutorial below to get detailed steps.

    How to Change Cluster Size

    1. Launch MiniTool Partition Wizard, then select the partition whose cluster size is not reasonable and choose "Change Cluster Size" from the left pane.

    Change Cluster Size 1

    2. Choose a suitable cluster size from the drop-down list and click "Yes" to go back to the main interface.

    Change Cluster Size 2

    3. Click "Apply" button on the top to perform pending operations.

    Change Cluster Size 3

    Now, the problem how to change cluster size is solved.