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Clone SD Card to PC for Transferring Data or Making a Backup

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    Since SD card of digital camera is saving photos and videos constantly, low disk space error often emerges even if the device contains large capacity. Under this situation, most users would want to transfer files to hard disk of PC so as to free up space on SD card. Aiming at the situation, we recommend a good solution: clone SD card to PC. It will save users plenty of time, and users do not need to worry about data security.

    Actually, apart from SD card, users can also clone CF card, memory stick, MMC, TF card, hard disk and so on to another storage device, and what they need is a piece of free drive clone software. Here, MiniTool Partition Wizard is suggested due to the following features:
    1.Free for all non Windows server users. For server support, please employ Partition Wizard Server.
    2.Clone SD card to PC in quite simple operations.
    3.Bring no damage to data.
    4.The copy can be used directly.

    Next, let’s see how easy it is to copy a SD card of digital camera to hard disk of PC.

    Clone SD Card to PC with MiniTool Partition Wizard

    Firstly, double click PartitionWizard.exe to get the main interface of the free drive clone software:

    minitool partition wizard main interface

    The main interface shows all disks and partitions connected with the PC, and users need to select the partition on SD card rather than the entire card to copy, because cloning disk to disk will destroy all data on the second disk. Then, choose the function “Copy Partition” from the left pane to get the following window:

    clone sd card to pc select an unallocated space to save copy

    Now choose an unallocated space to save the copy of the source partition. If there is no unallocated space, users can shrink a partition to create. Then, click “Next>” to get the interface below:

    clone sd card to pc move resize partition

    Here users can change the length of partition handle to resize the new partition or change the location of the handle to move partition, and then click “Finish” to go back to the main interface:

    clone sd card to pc apply changes

    Now we can preview the SD card has been cloned to hard disk of PC. At this time, please click “Apply” button on the top to perform all changes. After the application is completed, our work to copy SD card to PC is finished.

    Note: since the partition which saves the copy of SD card does not have a drive letter, it can not be seen in Windows Explorer. To make it visible, please appoint it with a drive letter via the function “Change Drive Letter” in MiniTool Partition Wizard or do this operation in Windows Disk Management utility.

    Therefore, when users want to transfer data or make a backup for SD card, CF card, memory card, etc, ask this free drive clone software for help.