This post introduces basic information, key features, and download steps of Windows NT 3.51. If you plan to download Windows NT 3.51, you come to the right place. Explore the details in this post of MiniTool Partition Wizard now!

About Windows NT 3.51

Windows NT 3.51, the third release in the NT series, was released on May 30, 1995. It is the last Windows version that supports the Intel 80386 processor. It contains improvements in networking, improved system performance, and added new features. Five service packs for NT 3.51 have been released which include bug fixes and new features.

Windows NT 3.1 was the first release of the Windows NT series. With the same appearance as its consumer counterpart Windows 3.1, it was entirely different under the hood.

The Windows NT 3.51 with SP5 bootable ISO with updates is a modified Windows NT 3.51 CD ISO. Besides, it is also an i386/x86 only ISO and won’t work with MIPS, Alpha, or PowerPC computers, which illustrates the small ISO size. If you want to get a video driver for newer PCs, utilize the VBEMP NT driver from Bearwindows.

The system ends of life on Dec 30, 2001, but it doesn’t mean that it becomes unavailable after that day.

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Features of Windows NT 3.51

In this section, new features and drawbacks of Windows NT 3.51 will be introduced. You can get an overall understanding of this system after reading this part.

What’s new with this Windows NT 3.51 with SP5 bootable ISO? Detailed items are summarized below.

Anything italicized is not preinstalled but can be installed afterward in separate folders.
  • Native AGP video card support out of the box
  • Universal ATA and VIA IDE drivers
  • SuperPack v7 from bearwindows
  • Added system libraries to allow more support for later applications
  • MESA3D 6.32 for software rendering OpenGL
  • MDAC 1.5c
  • MS Jet 3.51 wl SP3
  • NetSHow 2.0
  • ActiveMovie
  • DIVX
  • Indeo
  • Printer Drivers

The Windows NT 3.51 with SP5 bootable ISO also has some cons. They are:

  • Possibility of CPISetup error 5 when coping files in 2nd stage (this case is rare)
  • No FAT32 support
  • FRAMEBUF.DLL is not automatically copied, so it will have to be copied manually into C:\(Windows directory)\System32.
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Download Windows NT 3.51 ISO

If you want to get the Windows NT 3.51 ISO downloaded, ensure that your PC meets the requirements of the system. The minimum system requirements of Windows NT 3.51 are listed as follows.

  • Intel 80386 processor or above
  • 12MB of RAM (Workstation), 16MB of RAM (Server)
  • 75MB (Workstation), 90MB (Server) of hard drive space
  • One available CD ROM VGA or video graphics adapter

Now, you can download Windows NT 3.51 ISO from by referring to the steps below.

Step 1: Navigate to the

If you want to download Windows NT 3.51 with SP5 bootable ISO, directly go to this page and skip Step 2.

Step 2: Type Windows NT 3.51 in the search box and click GO or hit Enter. After a while, all the matching results will be displayed. According to your demands, click on the specific build. In this scenario, we click Windows NT 3.51 Build 944.

all the available builds

Step 3: On the pop-up page, click on ISO IMAGE on the right panel. Then the Windows NT 3.51 ISO will be downloaded on your computer.

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How to get the Windows NT 3.51 ISO download? This post reveals the answer for you. Just follow the offered steps to obtain Windows NT 3.51.

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