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About Windows Device Portal

Windows Device Portal (WDP) is a web server included with Windows devices. It allows you to configure and manage device settings and complete various tasks over a network or USB connection. Besides, WDP also contains advanced diagnostic tools for troubleshooting and viewing the real-time performance of your Windows PC.

Simply put, Device Portal is a device management and debugging tool, allowing you to view diagnostic information from the PC over HTTP from a web browser. In addition to that, it also permits you to do the things below.

  • Manage device settings (similar to the Windows Settings app)
  • See and manipulate a list of running processes
  • Install, launch, delete, and terminate apps
  • Modify Wi-Fi profiles, view signal strength, and view ipconfig details
  • View live graphs of CPU, memory, I/O, network, and GPU usage
  • Manipulate the isolated storage of sideloaded apps
  • Collect process dumps
  • Collect ETW traces
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Enable or Disable Device Portal in Windows 11

How to turn Device Portal on or off in Windows 11? Here are the detailed steps.

You must be signed in as an administrator to enable or disable Device Portal in Windows 11.

Step 1: Open Settings by holding the Windows and I keys.

Step 2: Scroll down the menu in the left panel of Settings to find and click Privacy & Security.

Step 3: Go to the Security section and expand the For Developers menu.

Step 4: Locate the Developer Mode heading and then toggle on it.

To enable the Device Portal, you must turn on the Developer Mode first. While you enable Developer Mode, you must create a corresponding username and password. Don’t use your Microsoft account or other Windows credentials.

Step 5: After enabling Developer Mode, enable Device Portal (it should be right below Developer Mode). If you want to turn off Device Portal, disable it by toggling off the option.

If this is your initial activation, you will be prompted to download the Windows Developer Mode package. Just follow the on-screen instructions to complete the operation.

Once Windows Device Portal is enabled, you will see web links at the bottom of the section. Write down the port number appended to the end of the listed URLs. This number is randomly generated when WDP is enabled but should remain consistent between reboots of the desktop.

These links offer two ways to connect to WDP: over the local network (including VPN) or through the local host. If you want to connect to WDP via the local host, open a browser and enter one of the following URLs.

  • Localhost:<PORT> or http://localhost:<PORT>
  • Local Network: http://<IP Address of the Device>:<PORT>

After you click on the link, it opens in the default browser. Then the Confirm Security Settings screen will appear. Tick the Do not show again option and then click Continue with an unsecured connection. Enter the username and password and then click Sign in to enter Windows Device Portal.

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Bottom Line

This post offers you a brief introduction to Windows Device Portable and then shows you the steps to turn on or off Device Portal. If you plan to enable or disable Device Portal in Windows 11, just refer to the given steps in the post to finish the process.

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