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The Way to Merge Partitions with Windows 8.1 Disk Management


Question: when partitioning hard disk I created a 10GB partition by mistake, which is so small. Now, it has saved nearly 10GB files and I can not go on storing data to it any more. Therefore, I want to merge it to its neighboring partition that saves similar files. Please tell me how to merge partitions with Windows 8.1 Disk Management. I need step by step tutorial. Thanks.

Combine 2 Neighboring Partitions via Windows 8.1 Disk Management

First of all, right click "Computer" icon on desktop, choose "Manage", and select "Disk Management" to launch the tool so as to get the following interface:

disk management

Then, delete the partition that will be included by using the function "Delete Volume", but users should back up all needed data in advance for deleting partition will lead to data loss.

Next, right click the partition that will contain the deleted partition and choose "Extend Volume" to extend the selected partition according to wizards. After extending is done, we merge 2 neighboring partitions with Windows 8.1 Disk Management successfully.

Of course, Windows Disk Management offers another way to combine 2 neighboring partitions, namely deleting both partitions to create a larger one, but this way requires users to backup both partitions. As a matter of fact, it is possible to merge partitions without deleting any partition. The partitioning tool MiniTool Partition Wizard can help complete the very operation.

Merge Partitions with Free MiniTool Partition Wizard

MiniTool Partition Wizard can merge adjacent partitions without data loss. With only a few clicks, users can finish this job safely and easily. What's more, even the Free Edition is capable of doing this job.

Here, we take merging partition H to partition G on Disk 1 for example.


Both partitions should be NTFS partitions. If they have a FAT file system, convert them to NTFS with the feature "Convert FAT to NTFS" in MiniTool Partition Wizard.

Step 1. run this partition manager to get its main interface. Then select any partition and click "Merge Partition" from the action panel.

merge partitions

Step 2. On "What to Expand" page, choose the partition which will be expanded, namely partition G in our example. Then, click "Next".

what to expand

Step 3. On "What to Merge" page, choose the partition which will be included, namely partition H in our example, and then click "Finish".

what to include

Step 4. Now, we can see partition H is included to G which becomes 28.7 GB from the original 14.1 GB. Finally, click "Apply" button to apply all changes.


When MiniTool Partition Wizard finishes, the whole work to combine 2 neighboring partitions is done.

Some users may ask, "where are the data saved in partition H?" Don't worry, because they are safely stored in the folder named "Merged partition content" on partition G. Therefore, users are suggested to merge partitions by using MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition rather than Windows 8.1 Disk Management. The very partitioning tool will give you a lot of surprise apart from combining partitions.