2 Ways to Boot from New Hard Drive after Copying Disk or Migrating OS


After copying an old disk to a new one or migrating OS to SSD/HD, how can we boot computer from the new hard drive? Here, this post shows two ways to help to complete this task easily and quickly.

Method 1: Remove the Old Drive from the Computer

It is a direct and simple way of booting from a new hard drive. However, sometimes, we want to keep the old hard dive since it can be used to as data storage device. In this situation, we may need to try other ways.

Method 2: Change the BIOS Boot Order

Alternatively, we can check the BIOS boot order to ensure that the PC tries to load from the new hard drive first. To check the boot order, follow these steps:

Note: Make sure that the device we will select has boot files (or Windows operating system files) installed.

Step 1: Restart the PC
Step 2: Press the necessary key to open BIOS menu. This key depends on the computer manufacturer and computer model. This is usually listed on the first screen that appears on your monitor. It can be any of the following: Esc, Del, F2, F8, F10 or F12.
Step 3: If the screen shows multiple keys, please find the key to open “BIOS”, “setup” or “BIOS menu”.
Step 4: Use the arrow keys to select the Boot tab.

boot meanu

Step 5: Move the new hard drive to the top of priority list, and then press “F10” to save it. After that, exit it.

boot from new hard drive

Note: the following video shows the whole process of migrating OS and booting from new hard drive.

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