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Hard drive raid

  • Since 1989, Hard Drive RAID has been the standard of system data protection. In users' eyes, Hard Disk RAID is a pretty ripe technology, and it is also regarded as the basic technology of data storage. It can help users who need to store a large number of data save many costs. Besides, every kind of RAID disk array can seek balance among read-write performance, data protection level, data rebuilding speed, and real disk space. It is a rare computer technology. However, such an excellent computer technology still has certain defects. For example, it is difficult to manage these disks. That is because not only system built-in disk management tool but also the majority of partition magic can not manage them well. Therefore, to manage and use hard drive RAID, an excellent partition magic is indispensible. Here, MiniTool Partition Wizard is strongly recommended.

    Powerful partition magic
    Users who know partition magic may know most of the partition magic in the market does not have perfect functions and even does not have some disk management functions, let alone manage hard drive RAID. Reading here, we can imagine how powerful this partition magic which can manage hard drive RAID is. Besides, this partition magic has many other advantages. For example, it can help user solve almost all problems of disk management; it can run under the vast majority of operating systems perfectly; it can manage all file systems under Linux and Windows. If users want to know more things or more function introduction to this partition magic, they can visit the official website https://www.partitionwizard.com/.

    How to manage hard drive RAID with MiniTool Partition Wizard?
    To manage hard drive RAID with this free partition magic, we must visit its official website to download it. Then, install and run it to get the following interface:

    This is the main interface of this free partition magic. It shows us all disk condition and partition condition. To know powerful hard drive RAID management functions of this free partition magic, we need to select any partition, and then we can manage hard drive RAID with the functional buttons on the tool bar and menu bar, such as "Disk", "Partition", and "Dynamic Disk". With no hard drive RAID in my computer, here, I will not demonstrate hard drive RAID management. If users want to know the operating process of this partition magic, please visit its official website from which we can get detailed demonstration videos.