How to resize GPT disk partition? MiniTool Partition Wizard can be your professional assistant in this issue. It can help you to solve this problem no matter if there is unallocated space on the same disk. Well this article will show you the specific steps of how to do it.

The Need to Resize GPT Disk Partition

GPT is the abbreviation of GUID Partition Table. Compare with the Master Boot Record (MBR) disk, GPT disk have many advantages:

  • GPT disks can support the partition size larger than 2terabytes(TB), while MBR cannot.
  • GPT disks also allow up to 128 primary partitions, not just the 4 primary partitions of the MBR.
  • In addition, GPT keeps a backup of the partition table at the end of the disk.
  • GPT disks provide greater reliability due to partition table replication and cyclic redundancy check (CRC) protection.
  • In addition, GPT disks offer greater reliability. It can be used as a storage volume on all x64-based platforms.

If you are the one who are using GPT disks, it is very likely that you will encounter a situation that you need to change the size of GPT partition in your computer.

For example, when you find the distribution of your partition capacity is unreasonable: a partition has too much free space, and a partition is about to run out of space. At this time, it is important to master how to resize GPT disk partition effectively.

Solutions: How to Resize GPT Disk Partition

To resize GPT disk partition, we suggest you to use a free partition manager – MiniTool Partition Wizard. It is a professional partition management tool which can resize GPT partition without losing data.

MiniTool Partition Wizard FreeClick to Download100%Clean & Safe

After downloading this program, please install it on your computer. Now how to resize GPT disk partition with this software will be listed in details in the following parts. You should noticed no matter you want to extend or shrink a GPT disk partition, all the operations need to be done on the same disk.

Tip: If you want to resize a system GPT partition, please perform all the operations via an advanced edition of this partition magic in order to ensure that the operating system can start normally.

How to Extend GPT Disk Partition

Now if you want to increase the size of partition on GPT disk because the partition is running out of space, please follow the step-by-step guide below:

Situation 1: There is continuous unallocated space on the GPT disk.

In cases like this, you can directly depend on the feature – Move/Resize Partition to extend GPT disk partition.

Step 1: Open MiniTool Partition Wizard and launch to its main interface.

Double click the icon of this program and click Launch Application to get into the main interface.

Step 2: Click the Move/Resize Partition feature.

Select the partition you want to extend, and then click Move/Resize Partition from the left action panel under Change Partition.

click the specific feature

Step 3: Take space from the continuous unallocated space.

In this interface, you can see a blue bar which represents the target partition and the rest areas represent unallocated space.

Extend the bar to take space from adjacent unallocated space by dragging the handle to occupy the unallocated space, or manually typing the specified partition size in MB, GB, or TB is also offered. After that, click OK to continue.

increase the size of target partition

Tip: please keep Using Enhance Data Protecting Mode checked by default since it provides data protecting.

Step 4: Save the change.

When you see the changed result of the wanted partition on the GPT disk in the main interface, don’t exit now. Because this is just a preview, you need to click Apply to save the change.

apply pending operation

Situation 2: There is no unallocated space or the unallocated space is not continuous with the target partition.

In situations like this, MiniTool Partition Wizard still can help you to expand partition on the GPT disk. Extend Partition feature can help you out of the trouble. Well the guide will be listed below, some steps that are the same as before, we won’t repeat them.

You still need to open this program and launch it to the main interface at first.

Step 1: Choose the Extend Partition feature.

Step 2: Increase the size of GPT disk partition by taking up space from another partition.

Open the drop-down list of Take Free Space from and choose a partition to take free space from. You can choose any partition (if there’s no unallocated space) or unallocated space in the same disk without worrying if the unallocated space is continuous to take its free space.

You can decide how much space to take by dragging the sliding handle leftwards or rightwards. After that, click OK to continue. Here the demonstration chooses J partition to take free space from.

take free space from a partition

Step 3: Perform the pending operation by clicking Apply button.

How to Shrink GPT Disk Partition

To shrink a GPT disk partition. You just need to choose the Move/Resize Partition feature. The beginning and the ending are just the same as we mentioned before. So, we will not repeat the details here.

Step 1: Click the Move/Resize Partition feature.

Step 2: Shrink partition.

To shrink GPT disk partition, you only need to shorten the handle to free up some unallocated space.

shrink the partition

Step 3: Save the change.

Now you shrink the partition on the GPT disk successfully.

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Bottom Line

In conclusion, two features of MiniTool Partition Wizard – Move/Resize Partition and Extend Partition basically can help you to resize GPT disk partition no matter what kind of problem you have, which shows this partition magic is powerful and professional.

In addition, if you have any suggestions about resizing GPT partition without losing data, welcome to share it with us in the comment zone. Any problems about MiniTool Partition Wizard are welcomed to send to [email protected].

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