To learn the detailed information about Xbox Series Z, you can pay attention to this post. Here, MiniTool will tell you Xbox Series Z portable release date, Xbox Series Z portable price, and other additional details.

The handheld Xbox console initially appears in a video posted by Kashama, which is called Xbox Series Z. As the video is widely shared on social media like TikTok and Instagram, plenty of gamers wonder if the Xbox Series Z portable is real. If you are also interested in this topic, this post is what you need. It will focus on Xbox Series Z including its specs, release date, price, authenticity, etc.

Xbox Series Z Portable Specs

According to the video, the console features a sleek black appearance that will automatically open when the Xbox logo on the cover is pressed. The console has a foldable screen and the size of the screen is like a tablet. You will see a decent-sized screen on the inside of the cover (similar to the design of Nintendo DS) and a built-in controller and touchpad on the console’s bottom half.

After the so-called Xbox Series Z turns on, the home page of Xbox will be shown on the upper screen. The touchpad allows you to scroll through a variety of options. Besides, it has some sort of keys on both ends, while the middle part has touch sensors so you can swipe right through it to switch between games. Compared with previous Xbox consoles, Xbox Series Z is so small that it can fit inside a pocket.

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Xbox Series Z Portable Release Date

After the video is posted on TikTok, it received nearly 36 million views and 3.7 million likes. As you see, many people like the new Xbox Series Z portable console. So, they often ask the Xbox Series Z portable release date on the Internet.

However, you need to know the copy in the video is not real. What’s more, the video has nothing to do with the actual product of Xbox. The video product is simply a dummy or prototype of the version. Therefore, the Xbox Series Z won’t launch in 2022 or sooner for now.

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Xbox Series Z Portable Price

How about Xbox Series Z portable price? Learning from the above, the Xbox Series Z portable is just the imagination of the video maker. There’s no Xbox Series Z on the market. So, there’s without Xbox Series Z portable price. If it comes out, its price will be according to the competition at that time.

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Is Xbox Series Z Portable Real

Is Xbox Series Z real? The game console shown in the video is a concept. Actually, any official announcements about Xbox Series Z haven’t been made by Microsoft since the release of Xbox Series X and S in November 2020.


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Hence, the Xbox Series Z is just a rumor at present. Probably, you can expect it turns into reality someday. If you want to buy a game console now, you can consider PS4, PS5, Xbox Series S/X, Nintendo Switch, Switch OLED, etc. This post shows you 11 best-selling consoles.

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The video maker who releases the video about Xbox Series Z is famous for making futuristic concepts related to tech gadgets. For instance, he had shared clips of futuristic versions of Xbox controllers, foldable iPhones, and a Lamborghini smartwatch before. In fact, this is not the first console design that has confused the viewers.

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