This article will teach you how to achieve Xbox gamertag search for profile info in three aspects: search for other people’s gamertags, search for your own gamertag as well as make use of third-party gamertag related services. Please visit partition management website for more news involving Xbox games.

About Xbox Gamertag

A gamertag is like a username for Xbox. When you play online games with others on Xbox console, they will see your gamer tag and identify you with your gamertag instead of you real name unless you use your real name as your Xbox gamertag.

Note: Though gamertag is similar to username, it functions differently to username or account name. A gamertag cannot be used to log into account, look up account information or recover account info.

Since people on Xbox are identified by gamertag, each gamertag is unique and nobody else can have the exact same gamertag as yours. When you sign up for Xbox Live, the system will assign a random gamertag that has not yet been used by others to you.

If you are not fond of the gamertag given to you, you can personalize your gamertag. During the process of customizing your gamertag, if the gamertag you input has been taken by others, the system will inform you about that and ask you to enter another one. Sometimes, you have to try several times to finally find a gamertag available to use.

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Xbox Gamertag Search for Others

If you ever heard of some Xbox Live gamertag mentioned by someone for the gamer’s excellent gaming skills, you may want to search up the gamertag and add the game player as friend. Then, you can follow below instructions to complete this job.

Way 1. Search Xbox Gamertag on Official Website

Log into with your own account. On the upper right of the page, there are Messages (default) and Friends tabs. Switch to Friends tab and you can search for game players or clubs by their gamertags there.

Search Xbox Gamertag in

kind reminder:

  • In the search result list, it will rank gamertags which is active now in the top.
  • If you can’t remember the whole target gamertag, you cannot search it out by only input part of the gamertag, for the search system can’t associate related gamertags.
  • If you do not have a specific searching object, you can add the suggested friends for you below the search column. Also, you can find your Facebook friends on Xbox and add them.

Way 2. Search Xbox Gamertag from Xbox App

There is Xbox mobile app. So, you can download it to your cellphone and look for the gamertag of some gamers there.

Way 3. Search Xbox Gamertag through Xbox

Press the home button. Scroll to the left with the guide button. Find the search option and finally search people by their gamertags.

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Xbox Gamertag Search for Yourself

Sometimes, when you can’t log into your Xbox account or can’t remember your random gamertag (assigned by the system), you have to look for it.

If you can’t sign in your Xbox account, you can try following methods to find your gamertag.

  1. Search for your email box to find the Xbox registration success info email. Within the email, there should be your gamertag.
  2. If you make a change to your gamertag after signing up, there should also be an Xbox info change notification email unless you unsubscribed the email notification before gamertag change.
  3. Look for the screenshots or videos that you share to your social media showing your gaming high light moments. Your gamertag may be contained on some picture or video.
  4. Ask for your friends or families about whether someone of them remembers your Xbox gamertag.
  5. Try to recover your Xbox account with email address, recovery email, phone number, special questions, etc.

If you can still log into your Xbox account, it is easy to do Xbox gamertag search.

  1. No matter which device you are using, you can find your gamertag in your profile page.
  2. If you are using Xbox console, go to the home screen and your gamertag is on the top left.
  3. If you are using Xbox app, just look for your gamertag in profile section by clicking your account pic.
  4. If you are using a computer, go to and your gamertag is on the upper right next to your avatar.

Xbox Live Gamertag Search

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Xbox Gamertag Search with Third-party Service

If all above ways fail to help you find your gamertag, you can rely on third party services to do the task.

Xbox Gamertag Lookup

The is a free gamertag search engine special for looking up any Xbox Live game player profile (Xbox profile search), including gamertag, avatar, motto, gamerscore, achievements, recent games, etc. It’s a member of community developer program and supports both Xbox One gamertag search and Xbox 360 gamertag search.

Xbox Gamertag Lookup

Xbox Gamercard Generator also provides gamercard generator to sum up your Xbox Live profile within a small image. Then, it is convenient for you to show off your Xbox level by sharing your new gamercard to social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.), websites, forums and so on.

Xbox Gamercard

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Xbox Gamertag Generator

If you rack your brains but still fail to find a gamertag that suits you, you may try the gamertag generator service offered by It has local and community suggestions for you.

Xbox Gamertag Generator

Xbox Live Leaderboard

Here, in this page, it lists top 30 Xbox Live gamertags ranked by their game scores. The highest score is over 2 million holding by smrnov. And, this list is mutative; it will change along with the gamerscore numbers and the rank is also different in different time.

Xbox Live Leaderboard


Until now, have you learned about how to carry out Xbox gamertag search? If you still have some questions about Xbox Live gamertag search, please feel free to contact our support team via email at [email protected].

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