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Windows 7 professional

  • Windows 7 Professional should be the best choice for common users. Windows 7 Professional has the following functions: enhance network functions such as domain join in, advanced backup, even printing, offline file, mobile center, presentation mode and much more.

    Windows 7 Professional has the following six advantages:

    1. Complete features of Windows 7
    Compared with the lower version, Windows 7 Professional offers all Aero functions with windows touch, enhances of Windows Media and better security measures.

    2. Data Domain Join
    If your computer needs to join the Data Domain Network, Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate are the best choice, as these two versions offers a complete and powerful function of data exchange.

    3.Network Backup Drive
    Each version of Windows 7 can support automatic backup and recovery, but Windows 7 Professional can store the backup files online, even support remote backup by the control of remote computer.

    4. Remote Control
    Only in the versions above Windows 7 professional, users can do a better remote control.

    5, off-line synchronization
    Windows 7 professional has built-in "File Synchronization" feature that can be selected offline file synchronization to other computers, set up after synchronization, the system will be in the computer connected to the network automatically synchronize files to send.

    6, XP Mode
    The XP mode of Windows 7 can be a innovative invention. That is to offer XP virtual system under Windows 7 Professional or above versions.

    From the above description, Windows 7 Professional is the best choice for common users. While installing Windows 7, you can also install a free Windows 7 partition manager software - Partition Wizard Free Edition. Partition Wizard is a professional partition manager that can support different systems including both 32 bit and 64 bit Windows 2000,Windows XP, Windows 2003,Windows 2008,Vista and Windows 7. MiniTool Partition Manager can resize disks without data loss. For instance, if my disk C is only 12 GB, it is not enough for the installation of Windows 7. At this time, we need to increase the space of disk C. In addition, Partition Wizard has a much faster speed in partition management PQ Partition Magic and Another Partition Manager Free Edition. As a result of the calculation, MiniTool Partition Manager has a much faster speed in partition management than any other partition management software.

    Therefore, Partition Wizard is the best partition manager for Windows 7.