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Windows 7 Microsoft

  • What is Windows 7 Microsoft? Windows 7 is the latest operating system developed by Microsoft. Windows 7 was in market on 23nd, October, 2009.

    Microsoft defines windows 7 as "ease computer".

    According to the official website of Microsoft, Windows 7 has many attractive features such as easy to use, quick response and so on. Let's look at them in detail. It provides high efficiency and fast speed to search and administrate files, for instance, the improvement of Jump list and preview of taskbar shall enhance the working efficiency. Fast speed, high efficiency means your computer shall be easy to use. More functions such as Windows Media Centre and Windows Touch make many digitalized applications possible.

    Simplification of daily tasks

    The basic operation of Windows 7 becomes much easier than ever before. In the family work group, it is very easy to share music, files, print, and other data. With Windows Search, you can search the needed files with ease. The amazing function of task preview shall help you to check the opened content. In addition, Jump List can show the recent files by right click.

    Work as user's wish

    Microsoft holds the principle that if the computer can not work as the user's wish, it does not make any sense even if the computer is superior. Thus, the latest Windows 7 has a faster speed to sleep or recover from sleep. It is said that Windows 7 can support the most advanced hardware such as 64 bit computer with multi-core CPU. The enhancement of memory using rate also helps the hardware to show the best performance.

    Make the new function possible.

    After the installation of Windows 7, some functions are really amazing. Users can easily access to network including family, office, and café, as well as read files, process pictures or drawing with the windows touch.

    It is obvious that Windows 7 has much superior performance and functions than Windows XP and Windows Vista. In order to meet the increasing needs, MT solution releases the new upgrading version of MiniTool Partition Manager, Partition Wizard 7.0 . This new version of MiniTool Partition Manager can support the Windows 7 Beta well at the early time, now it has done some modifications according to the versions of Windows 7. All the modifications make the software more reliable and compatible. Users can free download it from the following link: https://www.partitionwizard.com/download.html.