Are you planning to buy a PC? Which PC should you buy? A Mac PC or a Windows PC? In this post, MiniTool Partition Wizard will explain Windows vs Mac PC and then you can choose a PC better for your needs.

Windows and Mac PC have many differences. But for customers, they just want to but a high cost performance PC. Therefore, I will only focus on several important aspects of Windows vs Mac.

Price and Performance

When you compare price and performance, actually you should consider what hardware device they use and how many features they have. Some people may think Mac PCs are faster but more expensive.

But the fact is that Mac PCs have used better hardware devices like SSDs and added fewer features. When Windows PCs also use SSDs and other better parts, the performance and Price differences between Mac and Windows almost disappear. In addition, MacOS also begin to add new features. This slows down PC further.

If your budget is limited, a Windows PC is recommended because there is no low-price Mac PC. But in that price, please don't expect high performance.

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Performance Benchmark: MacOS 10.15 vs Windows 10 vs Ubuntu 19.10

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Hardware Compatibility

In terms of Mac vs Windows hardware compatibility, Windows is better. Windows PCs on the market may consist of various internal parts and they are usually compatible with more external devices like printer, etc. In addition, upgrading a Windows PC is also more convenient.

But there is also a disadvantage. Because Windows PCs are easy to produce, some manufacturers or individuals may sell some inferior-quality Windows PCs to customers. Therefore, if you want to buy a Windows PC, please find a reliable brand and pay attention to the hardware the PC uses.

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Software Compatibility

In terms of Windows vs Mac software compatibility, Windows is also better. If you want to work on PC, Windows is compatible a lot of general business software. Some software may not support MacOS. But if your work is related to creative fields, MacOS will offer you more choices like video editing and photo software.

If you want to play games on PC, Windows will offer you better experience. Many masterpieces of games are based on the Windows platform. Therefore, no matter in terms of game types, image quality, or game ecology, MacOS has not yet been comparable to Windows.

The last but not least, you can install Windows on a Mac PC smoothly but it's hard to install MacOS on a Windows PC, because Apple does not authorize any end user to run MacOS on non-Apple machines.

UI and Security

Some people may like to customize UI. Both Mac and Windows provide good customization options for customizing desktop background, screen size, and screen saver. But this customization is limited. If you really like UI customization, maybe Linux is more suitable for you.

As for security, Mac is better. Actually, Windows offers excellent services to protect PC from various viruses and malwares. But due to the huge user group, many hackers prefer to attack Windows PCs. For this reason, Windows is not as safe as Mac PCs.

Windows 10 Version 1903 vs. macOS Catalina

Bottom Line

Both Mac and Windows have their own advantages and there are many factors that I haven't mentioned. Please choose a proper PC according to your needs.

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