Have you ever found your phone is too hot? Do you want to know the reasons and solutions for the question? Please refer to this post from MiniTool Partition Wizard to get answers.

Why Is My Phone Overheating?

It is normal for smartphones to get a bit warm because there are billions of electrons zipping through the phone’s inner circuitry when you using apps on your phones.

But overheating is not normal, it can result in many bad effects on your cell phone:

  • Seriously degrade phone performance.
  • Drain cell phone battery.
  • Shorten the phone’s life span.
  • Melt the CPU in the cell phone.
  • In a worst-case scenario, it may cause an explosion.
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So, you should pay attention to the situation of phone overheating. The main reasons for phone overheating are below.

  • Use smartphones to play mobile games or watch videos too longtime.
  • Run too many programs at once. The more software you run, the higher the energy demand.
  • The phone is placed in the sun or somewhere too hot for a too long period.
  • The charging cable or your phone battery is damaged will cause your phone to overheat when you charge it.
  • Faulty software can also cause the phone to overheat.
  • Intensive camera use can also make the phone overheat.
  • Keeping the screen at a high brightness level for a long time. Turning your brightness up will force the battery to work harder and it will also create more heat.
  • There are too much dust and grills on your phone’s charging port, speaker ports, and inner space. It can also affect the heat dissipation of mobile phones, which leads to slow operation.
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How to Cool My Phone Down?

In the above content, we have already analyzed the reasons for the problem “why is my phone overheating”. Now, let’s see how to cool the phone down from overheating. The following steps can solve this problem very well.

Tip: If the reason for causing phone overheating is running a faulty app, the first thing is to exit and uninstall the software.
  • Disconnect your phone from other devices.
  • Remove protective phone case.
  • Turn on the airplane mode for several minutes to disable the background function we don’t notice at the normal condition.
  • Place your phone in a cooler, shadier place.

How to Prevent My Phone from Heating Up Again?

Just knowing how to cool down the phone is not enough. We should also know how to prevent the phone from overheating. Here, I list some useful ways for you to resolve the problem that the phone gets overheating.

  • Always have some breaks when you play mobile games or watch videos on your phone.
  • Closing unwanted background applications when you’re not using them.
  • Turn off the Wi-Fi and mobile data in the bad signal area to prevent phones from constantly seeking a signal to connect.
  • Don’t place your phone in the sun or somewhere hot for a long time.
  • Use the right charger and charge cable. Chargers and charging cables have different wattages. If you don’t use the special charger and charging cable for your phone, it may also cause phone overheating.
  • Only install apps from safe sources and update the apps regularly.
  • Don’t use the camera for long periods.
  • Avoid turning up your screen brightness to a high level for a long time.
  • Keep your phone clean all the time to ensure no dust or lint on the charging port and speaker ports.
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These are the reasons and solutions for the problem of “why is my phone overheating”. If you want to know why your phone is overheating and how to fix the problem, this post can resolve all your concerns.

For any questions about the problem “why is my phone overheating”, leave comments below. We will give you a solution as soon as possible.

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