Most people want to charge their phones quickly. But some factors can cause the phone to charge very slowly. Why is my phone charging slow? This post from MiniTool Partition Wizard will tell you the answer.

There is no doubt that a new phone usually charges much faster. But after using the phone for a while, the charging speed will become slow. Why is my phone charging so slow? There are several reasons.

Reason 1: Bad Charging Habits

Actually, bad charging habits affect the charging speed on your phone.

  1. Use the phone while charging: When the battery is inputting and outputting at the same time, it will consume double electricity and even damage the performance of the battery.
  2. Connect the network while charging: When the phone is charging, it is still working if you connect the network. Thus, it easily causes the battery temperature to rise and finally affects the battery’s charging speed.
  3. Overcharge the battery: If you keep your phone in charging all the time, its performance will be reduced. Certainly, if the battery power is under 20 percent, it is also not good for your battery, and you’d better charge it before it is under 20 percent.

Reason 2: Bad Charging Accessories

Why is my phone charging slow? One of reasons is bad charging accessories.

  1. A defective cable: Different cables support different currents. The longer the charging cable, the greater the resistance, and the charging speed will be hampered. So, maybe your cable is not selected correctly, and it is time to change your USB charging cables.
  2. An improper adapter: Each phone is equipped with an original adapter. If you use a non-original adapter, this will obviously reduce the charging speed of the phone.

Reason 3: Charging Temperature

Because of the characteristics of lithium batteries themselves, they are sensitive to temperature. So, when the charging temperature is too high or too low, the life of the battery will be damaged.

Note: Today’s phone has a temperature protection mechanism. If the temperature exceeds the normal range of use, the phone will reduce the charging current, and in severe cases it will even stop charging automatically.

Reason 4: Dust Accumulation

The accumulation of dust will also affect the charging speed. Although this problem is not remarkable, it cannot be ignored. Because charging port is exposed, it is easy to enter some dust. If the charging port is blocked by dust, poor contact will occur, causing the phone charging slow issue or even phone not charging issue.

Reason 5: Background Apps

If you run too many apps in your background, it may damage your phone battery. Go through your phone’s Battery usage and restrict background battery usage for apps that you barely use. Both Android and iOS have tools to help you find out what apps are running in the background. For Android-based devices:

Step1: View the Battery usage menu located at Settings.

Step2: Select Battery on your iPhone.

select Battery

Step3: Find which software is using the most battery.

Step4: Select the software and tap it.

select the software

Step5: Select Launch settings and restrict unnecessary launches.

select Launch settings

Reason 6: Aging Battery

Battery has a useful life. Generally, the battery of your two-year-old phone will drain faster than when it was new. Likewise, your phone will charge more slowly. If the battery is about to break down, it is recommended to replace the new battery.

Reason 7: A Weak Power Source

Charging your phone through your computer is a certain way to get a super slow charge, and this is because the power is not enough. The speed of charging has a great relationship with the device. The charging speed of phones is concentrated on the voltage, so when the voltage is too high or too low, it is not suitable to charge your phone.

That’s all about “why is my phone charging slow”. Do you have any questions about this topic? Please leave them in the comment zone and we will try to answer them for you as soon as possible.

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