If you are a Windows 10 user, you may find that some Windows built-in features are not useful for you. So, when talking about all the useless Windows 10 features Microsoft should remove, you may have your own ideas. This post will discuss these terrible features.


Windows 10 has becoming a mainstream operating system for its powerful and convenient features, but not all the features are useful. Some features are not only useless, but also annoying. But overall, Windows 10 has become better and better.

Among the multiple features of Windows 10, which features of Windows 10 should be removed? To know more information about this, please read this post of MiniTool carefully.

What Windows 10 Features Should Be Deleted

In this section, several Windows 10 features that should be removed will be talked about. Now, let’s explore them together!

The People Icon Without Any People

The My People feature is located on taskbar by default. You are able to chat with various people by clicking it. You can even pin your favorite contacts to the taskbar and access your favorite people with a single click.

That is how it works! In fact, this feature integrates very few services – it is only suitable to Mail and Skype in the default Windows installation. Microsoft even does not use My People as its service, so it’s not surprising that only a handful of applications are integrated with it.

The available apps list for My People in the Store is very tiny, so Microsoft needs to disable this feature. Fortunately, Windows 10 users can disable the People icon until then.

Targeted Ads from Third-party Apps

Microsoft will definitely pay close attention to your preferences and browsing habits in Windows 10. You may even possess a unique advertisement ID (tied to your Microsoft account), which is used to display advertisements to you.

In addition, Microsoft even shares this ID/profile with a third-party app in the Windows Store unless you turn off this information sharing.

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Terrible News of Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge’s new tab page is very messy. Usually, it appears as a news feed, which contains clickbait articles about the world’s richest celebrities, credit card offers, shopping ads and dental implant information.

Though the news feed can be hidden, it is still full of rubbish. Hence, most people hope Microsoft can delete it completely. The news feed has already become a part of a new tab in Chromium’s new version of Microsoft Edge, so the possibility to delete it will be very small.

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Bing Search That Gets in the Way

It is very easy to attack Cortana. Microsoft has withdrawn from Cortana and is more likely to integrate Windows 10 with other voice assistants such as Alexa.

However, the Bing Search in the Start menu is the real obstruction. Do you want to see suggested searches, even embedded Bing pages, when you search a system through the Start menu?

The Bing Search always gets in the way. Sometimes you will search system features and Windows will only return web-based results, not applications, settings and files in the system.

Of course, there are some other useless Windows 10 features Microsoft should remove in personal view. Whether these features can be removed or not depends on Microsoft, some useless Windows 10 features to turn off on your PC such as Cortana, ReFS support can be completed through some methods.

Here, taking disable Cortana as an example:

How to Disable Cortana in Windows 10 Easily and Safely

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