Recently, Microsoft released its weekly build of the Chromium-based Edge browser to Insiders using the Dev channel. If you want to know what new features added in this build as well as the improvements and fixes to the experience it made, you can check out this post.

Microsoft is releasing new updates for users who are running the developer channel of its new Microsoft Edge browser. Today, the company released the build on all supported platforms, including many new functions and improvements.

What’s New in the Updated Build?

This update introduces a new setting to clear browsing data each time when the browser is closed. The new setting can be found under the browser's Privacy and Services settings.

The updated build also enables the entire browser interface to use Windows system settings and colors to achieve high contrast. In this case, users who use high contrast in Windows can now get a consistent experience using Edge without having to set it in the browser manually again.

On Mac, the updated version now enables Microsoft Smart Screen to be built into browsers rather than to be an additional extension. This is a minor change to how functions are implemented. So you won't find any differences in functionality.

Other Minor Changes

There are other minor changes you can have a look.

  • Fixed some problems which prevented some users from playing Hulu. If there is a second unsupported monitor connected, Hulu will not be able to play on the supported monitor.
  • User interfaces now use Windows system settings and colors to achieve high contrast.
  • When importing data from other browsers in the configuration file settings, you can use the new import cookie option.
  • When installing an insider channel, site permissions, such as access locations and devices, are migrated from the current version of Microsoft Edge.
  • When Microsoft Defender Smart Screen identifies malicious sites, if you open the site information pop-up window from the left side of the address box, you will see new options for "Report as secure" and "Show unsafe content".
  • SmartScreen protection is now built into macOS and the SmartScreen extension has been disabled.
  • The option to disable Smart Screen is no longer available in guest mode.
  • In response to feedback, we increased the width of pinned tabs to make them easier to see and click.
  • We increased the width of the pinned tabs to make it easier to view and click in response to feedback.
  • The function of exporting passwords to CSV files has been restored.
  • Update the error message that you will see when you disable PDF readers in site permissions. Now it shows the different errors as for the local file and the Web files, and the message provides a quick link to the settings.
  • In the download page, cancelled downloads now appear in grey and strikethrough titles.
  • In addition to the Enter key, you can now use the space bar to select items in the menu.
  • When you open a menu with the keyboard, you will now select the first item in the menu by default.
  • If you are running the new Edge development channel, it should be updated automatically the next time you start it. If not, you can get the latest version from the browser settings or download it manually here.


This article has shown you what’s new in the Edge Dev build and some minor changes. If you are running the dev channel of the new Edge, it should automatically update to Edge Dev build the next time you launch it.

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