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It is necessary to get a good upload download speed when you transferring items. What is a good upload download speed? How to make upload download faster? In this post of MiniTool, you can find the details.

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Internet play an important role in modern life. A good Internet speed is often required when using electronic devices like smartphones, iPad, MP3, etc. The Internet speed is mainly divided into download speed and upload speed.

The download speed refers how many megabits of data you can download per second from a server. While the upload speed refers to how many megabits of data you can send from your own device to another devices or server on the Internet. You can download or upload items quickly and smoothly with a good download upload speed.

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Well, what is a good download upload speed? The following content introduce it with details.

What Is a Good Upload Speed

Generally speaking, an upload speed that can reach 5 Mbps is a good speed. In most time, you don’t have to concern about upload speed when selecting an Internet plan. The upload speed of a cable Internet ranges from 5 Mbps to 50 Mbps.

Given to that fact, you can perform most online activities smoothly. If you want to utilize video chat, upload high-resolution images, or livestream video, a good upload speed is required.

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What Is a Good Download Speed

In general, 10 Mbps per person for most people is a good download speed. However, the standard may vary according to your exact case. To be specific, it depends on the exact activity you are performing and the number of devices that connect to your home network.

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Upload Speed vs Download Speed

Both the upload speed and download speed are vital elements for common use. But they are treated differently out of some reasons. Most Internet Providers focus on upload speed vs download speed because of high demand for download bandwidth.

Compared with upload bandwidth, download bandwidth is highly demanded for most online activities. These activities are summarized as follows.

  • Watching a Netflix movie or show
  • Shopping online
  • Scrolling through social media
  • Viewing YouTube videos
  • Reading online articles
  • Streaming music services

For some activities, they require some upload bandwidth. Due to insufficient bandwidth, these activities may lead to slow Internet speed or buffering.

  • Video calls or conferences
  • Live tournament-style gaming
  • Backing up data to online or cloud storage services
  • Uploading videos to social media
  • Sending emails with big attachments
  • Working on live, cloud-hosted documents like Google Sheets or Docs

What can you do if you suffer from a slow download upload speed? Well, you can use either a slow upload speed fix guide or download speed troubleshoot guide to fix it. And then you can carry out your activities smoothly.

What is a good download and upload speed? I believe that you have a rough understanding about it after reading the above content. More importantly, you can fix the slow download upload speed issue with the provided guide.

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