Out of some reasons, you may want to update Google Play Store. Here comes the question. How to update Google Play Store? What if Google Play Store won’t update? MiniTool would show you the answers here.

How to update Google Play Store? Here are 3 methods for you. You can get the new Google Play Store update via these methods.

Method 1: Update Google Play Store from Settings

Google Play Store doesn’t allow you to update itself like other apps. Instead, it includes an option to check for updates, which is hidden in the Play Store settings.

The following tutorial shows you how to update Google Play Store via its settings.

Step 1: Run the Google Play Store app on the Android device.

Step 2: Open the menu and choose Settings.

Step 3: Under the Settings section, click About.

Step 4: Then tap Play Store version.

Tip: If there’s available new updates, then Google Play Store will update automatically. On the contrary, you will see a piece of message stating that Google Play Store is up to date.

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Method 2: Remove the Play Store Data

Generally speaking, app data like app preferences, saved settings, and logins is collected and stored on the device while using certain apps. After you remove the app data, the application will be restored to its default state and checked for the latest update.

You can perform a Google Play Store update by removing the Play Store data using the steps below.

Step 1: Head to Settings on the device.

Step 2: Navigate to the App Settings section and then click Installed apps or Manage apps according to your device.

Step 3: Find and click on Google Play Store from the list of apps.

Step 4: In the Google Play Store page, tap Clear data or Clear Storage.

Tip: If it prompts you with a confirmation window, click OK to confirm the operation.

Step 5: Restart your device and then Google Play Store will automatically update.

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Method 3: Use a Google Play Store Update App

If Google Play Store won’t update using the above methods, try using a Google Play Store update app. For instance, you can update Google Play Store by using APK (Android Package Kit).

Tip: APK is used to distribute and install Android apps. In essence, it is an archive of all the components that make an Android app collectively.

Step 1: Open a browser on your phone and move to the APKMirror site.

Step 2: Scroll down the page to find and download the latest version of Google Play Store.

Tip: Ensure that the downloaded Google Play Store version is compatible with your phone.

download the latest version of Google Play Store

Step 3: When the download finishes, tap on the APK file and click Install.

Tip: Allow permission to install apps from unknown source and then proceed with the installation. If the browser states “unable to open the file”, open File Manager, and then click the Downloads folder and install the APK. Then Play Store will be updated successfully.

Step 4: After the installation process ends, the Google Play Store is updated.

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With the given methods, you can get the Google Play Store update with ease. If Google Play Store won’t update, directly use the Google Play Store update app to get the new update.

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