Surgeon Simulator 2 is a video game available on various operating systems. Unfortunately, you might encounter the Surgeon Simulator 2 loading forever issue while playing the game. Don’t worry. This post from the MiniTool Partition Wizard website puts together some fixes.

Surgeon Simulator 2 is a sequel to Surgeon Simulator, a surgical simulation video game developed by Bossa Studios. Surgeon Simulator 2 was released in August 2020. And users can play this game on many platforms, including Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, PlayStation 4, iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch.

Unfortunately, some users reported that Surgeon Simulator 2 took a lot of time to load or even couldn’t load at all. This problem usually happens on Windows PC and Xbox devices. Let’s see an example:

Surgeon Simulator is stuck on the loading screen. Hi all, try to get this game to load, when I start I get a logo Bossa studios uk and Perform an Uber heart transplant on a red background, can see my hands and something red shooting across screen but I can get into the game just stays on that screen. Any ideas?

Why does this happen? How to solve the problem? You can keep reading to figure them out.

Solution 1: Update Your Game to the Latest Version

Unfortunately, the Surgeon Simulator 2 loading forever issue seems to bother a lot of players. Developers of the game are working hard on a fix. Therefore, when there are available patches or updates, you had better install them.

Version 1.3.3 of Surgeon Simulator 2 was released for Epic and Steam users in 2021, which included some stability fixes. Installing this version might help you solve the Surgeon Simulator 2 not loading problem.

Please note that the latest update is version 1.5.1 released on 5 April 2022. It also includes various improvements and fixes. If you are playing an older version, please update your game.

For any further news about the game, you can follow Surgeon Simulator 2’s Twitter or Discord account.

Solution 2: Verify Game Files

Corrupted or missing game files could also lead to Surgeon Simulator 2 long loading times. In this case, you can check the integrity of game files via Steam or Epic Games Launcher. For example, you can follow the steps below in Steam.

Step 1: Exit Surgeon Simulator 2 and run Steam.

Step 2: Go to Library where you can view the list of all your games.

Step 3: Right-click Surgeon Simulator 2 and select Properties.

Step 4: In the left pane, select LOCAL FILES. In the right pane, click Verify integrity of game files.

verify integrity of game files

Then Steam will check for problematic game files and repair them. You just need to wait until the process is finished completely. After that, you can check whether the Surgeon Simulator 2 loading forever issue disappears.

Solution 3: Restart Your Device

Sometimes the Surgeon Simulator 2 long loading times issue can be solved by a simple restart. It works for some Xbox users.

Therefore, if you are playing the game on an Xbox console, you can try restarting your console to solve the problem.

Hope the solutions listed in this post can be helpful. Do you have any other solutions? You can share your ideas and experience with us by posting them in the following comment zone.

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