Recently, SIM card not provisioned error is heatedly discussed. What does SIM card not provisioned mean and how to resolve it? Well. MiniTool will analyze the possible reasons and corresponding ways for the error in this article.

Before talking about the SIM card not provisioned error, you need to know what is SIM card. The SIM card is a small chip, which contains information that is helpful for identifying cellphone account. It enables the phone to be identified as yours on the mobile network so that you can make calls.

SIM card not provisioned

The SIM card not provisioned error usually occurs on a new phone with a new SIM card. Actually, this error will also occur in the following cases.

  • You are transferring contacts to a new SIM card.
  • Your mobile network provider’s server is unavailable (if you’re using an iPhone, the App server also needs to be online).
  • There is an issue with the placement of the SIM card.

This error often comes with message “SIM not provisioned mm#2”, “SIM not provisioned for voice” or something like this. What does SIM card not provisioned mean? Once you receive this error, you cannot contact anyone except for 911. What cases this error? According to investigation, SIM not provisioned happens when the network provider’s server is unavailable.

Fix 1: Restart Cellphone

After receiving the SIM card not provisioned error, restart your phone. This method will work if the error happens because of network congestion. You are advised to execute this method before performing other fixes.

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Fix 2: Re-put the SIM Card

If the SIM card is not inserted properly, you will encounter the SIM not provisioned for voice error. Hence, re-inserting the SIM card is worth trying for resolving the SIM card not provisioned error. You should be cautious when removing the SIM card to make sure that the SIM card slot and SIM shape will not be damaged.

If the SIM card slot is broken or damaged, it needs to be replaced. If both the SIM card and slot are properly placed, inert the SIM card on other normal running Android phones and check if it runs properly. If the error message still pops up, replace the current SIM card with a new one.

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Fix 3: Check If the SIM Card Is Activated

Generally speaking, a new SIM card will be activated automatically within 24 hours of being inserted in a new phone. If it doesn’t activate after this period of time, you can activate it by performing the follow operations.

1. Call an automated number.

2. Send an SMS.

3. Log onto the activation page on the carrier’s website.

Tip: All these options are fast and straightforward but depending on whether the carrier supports them. But the SIM card will be activated in most cases and the error will be solved.

Fix 4: Contact Your Carrier

If the SIM card not provisioned error still persists after performing the above methods, contact your carrier to get assistance. Make a phone call to your carrier or network and explain the whole situation. Ask them if there is available method to fix the error.

Are you still struggling with the SIM card not working error? Here are 3 available methods for solving it. Pick one from them to fix it now!

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