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Remove windows 7

  • How to remove windows 7 on windows XP? How to resize partition after the remove of Windows 7?

    Boot the computer into XP system and do the following things step by step:
    1. Insert the ISO CD of Windows 7 (or loading the Windows 7 mirror by virtual drive).
    2. Click the following in sequence: Start, All Applications, and Affix, then right click the "Commands" and then click "Run as administrator".
    3. Input X:\boot\bootsect.exe /nt52 all /force,and press Enter. Note:X:\stands for the drive letter of CD-ROM or the drive letter of Virtual CD-ROM.
    For example, if the drive letter of DVD-ROM is F, just input F:\boot\bootsect.exe /nt52 ALL /force.
    4. Eject the Windows 7 installation CD.
    5. Reboot computer.
    The system shall boot from the former system before windows 7. And we will see the option of boot Windows 7 disappeared, so did the Early Version Windows. It almost succeeds with the Windows XP boot option left.
    6. Then delete all Windows 7 files including application files, user and windows files or format the windows 7 partition if no file exists.

    How to resize partition after the delete of Windows 7? Here just turn to a powerful partition manager - Partition Wizard.

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