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PS4 vs PC

If you want to know which is better for gaming between ps4 and PC, you come to the right place. In this post, MiniTool Partition Wizard explains PS4 vs PC to you. Then, you can know which one you should buy.

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PS4 vs PC: PS4 Console's Advantages

1. Price

PS4 console is much cheaper than gaming PC. A PS4 console costs around $300, while a gaming PC can cost up to $1,000 or more. If you just want a device for gaming, PS4 is better.

2. Exclusive Games

Exclusive games were one of the leading selling points of any console. Gaming companies would leverage on the craze and loyalty built by one of their games to move their consoles.

3. Convenience

For some people, they don't know how to build a decent gaming PC. If you use PS4, you don't need to consider these problems. In addition, PC has more errors than PS4 and many users don't know how to deal with these problems.

4. Occasions

In the following occasions, a PS4 console is better than a gaming PC:

  • You want to play games while lying in the sofa. PS4 console allows you to play games in any pose.
  • You want to play games with friends on TV.
  • You like action games. PS4 console can give you better gaming experience when playing action games.
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PS4 vs PC: PC's Advantages

When it comes PC vs PS4 gaming, PC also has many advantages, for example:

1. Upgradability

When the PS5 comes out, the PS4 will be obsolete quickly and you need to buy the brand-new PS5. PC scores in this aspect, because its parts can be upgraded and therefore it has longer service life.

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2. Gaming Options

In general, PC has more gaming options. Although PS4 console has some exclusive games, PC offers you more gaming options. Nowadays, more and more games, especially for indie games, choose to release first on PC. If these games perform well, then they are transplanted to various consoles including PS4.

In addition, PC allows you to play many web games (although many of these games may be bad). And you can use emulators to play those old and classic console games, including Nintendo emulator, Xbox emulator, etc.

3. Mods

PC games have "mod" support. These are player-created versions of a base game. Mod support is almost nonexistent on PS4. For those gamers who like to modify games, mod support is very important.

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4. Multiple Purposes

In general, you can give up PS4 console but you must have a PC. PC is not only used for gaming, but also used for produce, learn, etc. So, many people are willing to spend money on PC. If you want an all-in-one device, you should choose PC.


PS4 and PC have their advantages respectively in some special occasions. You should choose from them according to your condition. But in many cases, most people like to buy both of them.

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