If you are planning to upgrade your device to obtain better game experience and it is hard to decide to buy a PC or console, you come to a right place. In this article, MiniTool will compare these two game devices from several aspects.

The PC vs. console debate has been undergoing on for donkey’s years. Some gamers prefer the power and customization options of PCs, while others favor the ease-of-use and exclusion of the game consoles.

Now, the following content will show you the differences between these two game devices.

# 1: Price

Whether you are a casual gamer or a hardcore gamer, the better choice is buying a game console like PlayStation 4 or Xbox One if you do not want to spend lots of money.

In general, you can purchase the most expensive version of these two kinds of consoles for no more than $300 -$400.

As for gaming PC in the aspect, it has more things to be noted. If you are a casual gamer, you can choose an average gaming PC (with an 8GB RAM, Full HD resolution, and an Intel quad-core). This kind of game device is at a competitive price point compared to console.

While if you are a hardcore gamer desiring maximize experience on PC, your wallet will take a hit. The reason is that high-end PCs could reach up to $2,000, and even higher. Sometimes, graphics cards can dig out more money from your wallet than an entire computer. 

Therefore, considering price, buying a console is more money-saving.

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# 2: Performance and Specifications

Performance is the most concerned point for gamers when planning to buy a game device. Now, let’s see PC vs. console in this point.

It can be said that PC performance is superior to console performance when it comes to gaming. This does not mean that console performance poorly.

Why is it wise to choose a PC instead of a console? The reason is that the PC has historically always been ahead of the technological curve.

The average gaming PC toady is on-par with the latest consoles in terms of specifications. AS for the high-end PCs, these game devices can generally run games at 4K resolution anywhere from 60 fps up to 100 fps. This is nearly double what consoles can do. Certainly, it will come at a cost as the above content said.

Tip: After a long-year use of a computer, you may also run into game running slow on it. In this situation, you can read 11 Methods to Make Games Run Faster on Computer [Work Fast] to find solutions.

# 3: Flexibility and Control

PC vs. console. Which one is the winner when it comes to flexibility and control? Certainly, the former is the winner.

Whether you plan to buy one PC or build your own, the PC features the amount of flexibility and control compared to consoles.

This opinion can be proved by the following cases:

  • When some hardware issues leading to computer crashes when playing games or your plan on upgrading parts, you can easily go in and switch it out. But please note this requires technical knowledge of how each component works with one other.
  • As a PC user, you can have more controller options at your disposal, such as modified controllers, keyboards, etc.

However, a console does not support the same flexibility and control. What you see is what you get, and the specifications are reliant on what Microsoft, Sony, or other console developers select.

# 4: Durability

How long will a game device last? This question may also strike to your mind when you plan on buying it.

Consoles are quite durable and could last for decades depending on how much well maintained the game device is and often it’s used.

PCs can also last for a long time. But the components that make up the PC will eventually regress and lose their original performance.

# 5: Ease-of-use

AS for PC vs. console in ease-of-use, consoles are superior to PCs.

After buying a console, you just need to unbox it, plug it in, and begin playing. It is quite simple. Furthermore, the console interface today is intuitive and easy to understand, especially the PS4 interface.

As for PC in terms of ease-of-use, this game device requires more understanding of how much the device should operate, especially if you want to build your own game PC.

# 6: Available Game Numbers

With a Steam account, you have access to more than 30,000 games. In other words, PCs are quite adaptive, and their gaming options are just as flexible. (Playing Steam games on computer is quite popular but some users reported this platform running slow. If you are interested in this issue, you can click Steam running slow.)

However, consoles are at a game number disadvantage. Here take the games of Xbox One and PlayStation for example to put in context. According to their official websites, Xbox One currently has 1911 games and PS4 has 4607.

Final Words

Now, we have displayed all the aspects we think you will concern when you play on buying a game console. Hope the mentioned comparisons can help you decide whether to buy a PC or a console. If you want to know more comparisons about these two game devices from other aspects, please leave your message in the following comment zone.

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