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Nintendo Switch blue screen

Have you encountered Nintendo Switch blue screen, Nintendo Switch black screen, or Nintendo Switch orange screen? If so, you can read this post, in which MiniTool Partition Wizard shows you how to solve these solid screens.

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Nintendo Switch Blue, Black, and Orange Screens

Developed by Nintendo and released worldwide in most regions on March 3, 2017, Nintendo Switch is a popular video game console. Then in 2019, its handheld-focused revision, Nintendo Switch Lite, was released. As of September 2020, the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite have sold more than 68 million units worldwide.

Please note that Nintendo Switch is a tablet that can be used as either a home console or a portable device, making it a hybrid console. However, Nintendo Switch Lite doesn't support TV mode and it can't serve as a home console.

However, when you use Nintendo Switch, you may encounter various glitches. The typical glitches are Nintendo Switch blue screen, Nintendo Switch black screen, and Nintendo Switch orange screen.

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If you encounter these solid screens, what should you do to solve the problem? Please read the following contents.

How to Fix Nintendo Switch Solid Screen

If you have encountered Nintendo Switch blue screen, Nintendo Switch black screen, or Nintendo Switch orange screen, you can try the following methods.

Fix 1. Hard Reset Nintendo Switch

When you encounter Nintendo Switch BSOD or OSOD, please hold the Power button for 12 seconds and more to turn off the system. After turning off the system, turn it on again, and the issue should have been resolved.

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Fix 2. Dock or Undock the Console

If your console is in the handheld mode, you can try docking the console. But if the console is in the TV mode, you can try undocking the console. The act of docking or undocking the console will change the console between handheld mode and TV mode, which will interrupt just about everything happening on the console and make Switch normal again.

Nintendo Switch dock

Fix 3. Ensure Your System Has the Latest System Menu Version

Nintendo Switch hard reset sometimes can solve the Nintendo Switch blue screen, black screen, and orange screen issue temporarily. Then, make sure your system is connected to Wi-Fi, making the system update to the latest version. This may solve the problem.

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Fix 4. Contact Nintendo Switch Support

In most cases, the Nintendo Switch BSOD or OSOD is caused by the lack of a corner bond. If a Nintendo Switch drops onto a ground, the absence of a corner bond would cause the CPU to be detached easily, and that's the reason why many have encountered the Blue Screen of Death.

Apart from the CPU, the cause of the Nintendo Switch BSOD includes GPU.

Today I've started my switch... the screen suddenly turned black. I could still hear the music and click sounds from my input, but the screen was black. When connected to the dock my TV displays everything normaly. But when I undock the console screen is black. Black with some backlight.... ---www.reddit.com

In this case, the cause of Nintendo Switch black screen is very likely to be the GPU. However, as long as the cause is related to hardware, you should contact the Nintendo Switch support. But please note that sending the console to Nintendo Switch support for repairing may cause you to lose saved data, so remove any game cards or microSD cards before sending the system in.

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