Is 1TB a lot of storage? How much is 1TB of storage? In this post, MiniTool offers you answer. If you don't know whether you really need 1TB of storage, this post will help you make a decision.

How Much Can You Store on 1TB?

Is 1TB a lot of storage? To figure out this question, you should know how much is 1TB of storage and how much files you can store on 1TB.

1 TB of storage space is equivalent to 1000 GB of data. For me, it’s a lot of storage, because I don’t install any games on my computer, I don’t download too many movies or music on my computer, I don’t make any backup, etc.

I just install office apps, PS, and instant messaging app on my computer. In addition, I often free up the space on my computer. Therefore, in my computer that has 500GB storage space, I used less than 200GB of space. 1TB is a lot of storage for me.

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A poster made by a company PC Ninja shows how much a 1TB hard drive can hold. If you want to know how much photos, music, or videos a 1TB hard drive can hold, this post may help you have a rough idea of 1TB storage.

Although the number in the chart may vary depending on variants like resolution, pixels, audio quality, etc., in either case, 1TB is a very large space.

Currently I have six games installed on my 256 gb ssd for my laptop. It’s getting cramped and I want to get a hard drive. I’m torn between a 1 tb and 2tb hard drive. My current game library isn’t that large (I own only like a dozen games so far), but during Steam sales I’ll be adding many more. Is 1tb generally enough? What size to most people use? — reddit

Some people may ask “Is 1tb enough storage for gaming?” To be honest, games are taking up more and more space. Some games may take up 10GB of space, while some games to take up storage space up to 60GB to 100GB. If you don’t want to delete any games, 1TB is not enough for you.

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How Much Is 1TB? You Can Find Answers Here

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Do I Really Need 1TB of Storage?

To figure out this question, you should consider the following things:

  1. Are there lots of files that need to be stored? Nowadays, with the introduction of higher definition video files and higher resolution image files, the rate of the space consumption increases. If you have lots of such files and games, you may need 1TB hard drive.
  2. How long you keep this data? If you just keep this data temporarily and are actively recycling space back into the pool, you may be not so eager for 1TB storage. Just like me, 500GB is also OK.
  3. Cloud storage. With advances in technology, we have a lot of potential storage space available to us. For example, Microsoft has raised the Office 365 storage limit to one terabyte. Other cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, etc. also offer you free space to store data. This may reduce your demands on 1TB hard drive.

In a word, whether you really need a 1TB hard drive depends on how you manage the space and whether you use other storage methods like cloud storage.

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