Nowadays, Innodisk introduces first hybrid edge and cloud SSD solution with Microsoft Azure Sphere. This article will introduce what the InnoAGE SSD is and display its main shines. By the way, if you want to manage your hard drive or SSD better, you can try a toolkit named MiniTool Partition Wizard.

Our tight-knit collaboration with Microsoft has resulted in real innovation aimed at solving the very real challenges businesses face today. The InnoAGE SSD is the first and only hybrid solution designed with the AIoT architecture in mind, utilizing data analysis, data security, and data management through Azure Sphere, to secure communications between all IoT and AIoT devices. This is a great milestone for both companies.Innodisk President, Randy Chien

What Is InnoAGE SSD?

Innodisk is the world’s leading industrial storage provider. Nowadays, Innodisk announced the InnoAGE SSD, which it claims is the world’s first SSD with native Microsoft Azure SphereTM integration.

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About Innodisk:

Featured on Forbes’ Asia’s 200 Best Under A Billion companies, Innodisk is a service-driven provider of flash memory, DRAM modules and embedded peripheral products for the industrial and enterprise applications.

About Microsoft Azure Sphere:

Azure Sphere is a Linux-based operating system created by Microsoft for Internet of Things applications. It is the first time Microsoft has publicly released an operating system running the Linux kernel and the second Unix-like OS that the company has developed for external users – the other being Xenix.

Officially unveiled at the Innodisk-hosted AIoT Summit during Flash Memory Summit 2019, the InnoAGE SSD, with Microsoft Azure Sphere inside, enables multifunctional management for smart data analysis and updates, data security, and remote control through the could.

According to Innodisk, Microsoft Azure Sphere provides the InnoAGE SSD with an extra layer of security and remote monitoring with zero administrators required.

Embedded on the sting system, the InnoAGE SSD will collect data and give commands for multifunction management through the cloud, similar to error correction, firmware updates, data analysis, AES encryption, quick erase, destroy, write protect, secure erase, refresh, and recovery.

With these capabilities, the InnoAGE SSD with Microsoft Azure Sphere inside, is ideally suited for applications spanning various segments standardizing on AIoT, together with manufacturing, surveillance, unmanned devices, vending machines and digital signage, among others.

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Shines of InnoAGE SSD

After knowing what the InnoAGE SSD is and its main functions, you can read on to learn about the shines of this SSD:

  • This SSD is designed to ensure an easy-to-use interface with a custom-made cloud administration.
  • Firmware designed by Innodisk receives instructions from MICROSOFT Azure Sphere which in flip connect to companies’ Microsoft Azure Cloud deployments.
  • Furthermore, the InnoAGE SSD can execute debugging messages and help monitor read/write contact patterns that optimize storage lifespan.
  • Most importantly, when the system crashes, this SSD could possibly rapidly revert to default settings from a cloud-based dashboard.
  • Lastly, the InnoAGE SSD is designed for each in-band and out-of-band community falls quick by offering full restoration even when the working system is down or broken.
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Final Words

According to Innodisk, the InnoAGE SSD is the first SSD designed for remote recovery from its hardware and software innovation.

As an end-to-end edge and cloud hybrid solution, the InnoAGE SSD works in unison with real-time monitoring applications and will perform a fundamental role of the future AIoT generation experience.

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