Valorant is a popular first-person shooting game. Do you like to play this game? This post from MiniTool Partition Wizard shows you how to download Valorant and install it on PC. In addition, it also shows you how to uninstall this game.

Valorant is a free-to-play first-person hero shooter developed and published by Riot Games, for Microsoft Windows. Since its release on June 2, 2020, it has received many praises and has gained a lot of fans.

In addition, this game was nominated for Best Esports Game, Best Multiplayer, and Best Community Support at The Game Awards 2020.

Many people may want to download and install Valorant on the PC. If you also want to play this game, please refer to the following guide to download and install it.

How to Download Valorant

Step 1: Go to the official Valorant website (, hover the cursor on the Support banner, and then click Specs. Then, you can know what PC can run the Valorant. To get more detailed steps, please refer to this post: Can Your PC Run This Game? 3 Steps to Get the Answer.

1. Valorant is also compatible with Windows 11, but please note that it requires TPM 2.0. 2.
2. Valorant’s initial launcher download is less than around 65M, but the complete Valorant download size is around 12GB (the size will increase as time goes on). In addition, to run the game smoothly, I recommend you to leave at least 30GB of free space for the game.

Step 2: If your PC meets the Valorant requirements, you can then go back to the official Valorant website and click the Play Now button in the upper right corner. Then, you are required to sign in to a Riot account. If you don’t have such an account, you should make one first.

Step 3: After signing in to the account, click the Play Now button again and then you will see the Download button. Click the Download button to download the Valorant installer file.

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How to Install Valorant

Now, you should complete the Valorant install through the following steps:

Step 1: After the installer file is downloaded, double-click the file to run it. It will open a window allowing you to install the game launcher.

Step 2: Click Advanced Options to change the install path. Then, click Install to start downloading and installing the game launder (around 8GB).

Step 3: After the game launcher is installed, sign in to your Riot account again, and accept the terms of service. Then, the game launcher starts downloading game files (around 4GB).

Step 4: After the game files are downloaded, close the game launcher and restart your PC. Then, open the game launcher and sign in again. Now, you can start playing Valorant.

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How to Uninstall Valorant

Valorant certainly isn’t for everyone. If you tried this game and find it is not suitable for you, you can uninstall it. Here is the guide on how to uninstall Valorant thoroughly:

Step 1: Close and uninstall Vanguard, Valorant’s anti-cheat detection system.

  • Open your system tray on the bottom right-hand side of your desktop.
  • Right-click on the red Vanguard icon and select exit.
  • Click Yes to confirm that you want to “turn off” Vanguard indeed.
  • Press Windows key + I and then navigate to Apps > Apps & features.
  • In the right panel, scroll down to find Riot Vanguard. Click this app and then click Uninstall.

Step 2: In the Apps & features interface, find the Valorant app, click it and choose Uninstall.

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