How to check what power supply I have? If you plan to upgrade your PC, add new PC parts, or overclock your PC, you may need to know whether the PSU can offer enough power still. This post from MiniTool Partition Wizard offers you 2 easy ways to check the PSU.

Why Do You Need to Check Power Supply?

A power supply is indeed important to a PC, but in most cases, this component is ignored by users. You may pay attention to the power supply only in the following cases:

  • Plan to build a PC. In this case, you need to know what power supply you need. If the PSU has insufficient watts, the PC won’t boot up.
  • Plan to upgrade, add, or overclock PC hardware components. In this case, you need to check what power supply you have. Higher-end hardware, more PC components, and overclocking will consume more power.
  • Suspect that the PSU fails. In this case, you may need to check if the PSU fails.

What power supply do I have? If you want to know that, you can try the methods below.

How to Check What Power Supply I Dave

As mentioned above, if you upgrade your PC components, add new PC components, or overclock your PC, the PC will consume more power. Therefore, before you do these jobs, you may need to check what power supply you have and ensure the PSU can offer enough power to the PC still.

How to check what power supply I have? You can try the 2 methods below:

Method 1. Check the PC Specs Online

If your PC is a prebuilt one, you can use this method. No matter whether the PC is a laptop or a desktop, this method will work. You just need to find the model of your PC and then go to the PC manufacturer’s website to search for this product’s specs. It will tell you the PSU’s voltage and wattage.

How to find the PC model? You can check the user manual or the sticker attached to the PC. Or, you can open the PC and use some software tools. As for the detailed steps, you can refer to this post: What Is My Laptop Model? Here Are 5 Methods to Check It.


The user manual will tell you how to use and protect this PC, but it will not tell you the PC’s specs.

Method 2. Open the PC

Can you check the power supply without opening the PC? You can use software to identify PC parts like CPU, GPU, RAM, etc., but no software can identify a PSU. Therefore, if your PC is not prebuilt and you don’t know the model of the PSU, you have to open the PC.

You should power off the computer and unplug all the wires, including the power cord and other peripherals. Unscrew the side panel to open the case and you will see the PSU near the power cord’s port.

Now, you need to find the sticker on the PSU. The sticker will tell you the PSU’s specs including AC Input, DC Output, Combined Output Power, Total Power, etc. 

PSU specs

If you don’t find the sticker but you have found the model of the PSU, you can search for the PSU’s specs online according to the model.

Bottom Line

This post shows you how to check power supply on PC in 2 ways. You can try them if you have this need. Do you know other ways to check the power supply on a PC? Please share them with us in the following comment zone.

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