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Hide Your Disk Partition in Windows 7 to Protect Private Data

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    For many Windows 7 users, saving important or confidential information on their PC or laptop may be a common operation. Well then, how to prevent this kind of information from being seen by others? The best way is to hide the partition which saves private information. So, how to hide disk partition in Windows 7? Here, we provide users with 2 solutions, and they can choose the best one in accordance with actual demands.

    Hide Disk Partition with Windows 7 Disk Management Utility

    First of all, users need to enter the disk management console via the following operations: right click the icon “Computer” on desktop, choose “Manage” from the right-click menu, and select “Disk Management” from the left pane to get the window below:

    hide disk partition in windows 7 disk management utility
    Here, to hide a partition, users should right click the target partition and choose “Change Drive Letter and Paths” from the popup menu to remove the drive letter. Once its drive letter is removed, all people including the administrator will be unable to see it in Windows Explorer. Nevertheless, to reallocate a drive letter for the partition in disk management will make it visible again, so this is not enough to protect private information.

    Hide Disk Partition in Windows 7 with MiniTool Partition Wizard

    MiniTool Partition Wizard is a free partitioning program helping complete different kinds of partition operations. After downloading and installing the program to computer, we can run it to get the starting interface. Then, choose “Launch Application” to get the window below:

    minitool partition wizard main interface

    In the interface above, please select the partition which needs hiding and choose “Hide Partition” from the left action panel. After this operation, we can preview effect:

    hide disk partition in windows 7 apply change

    Now we can see the selected partition becomes hidden. At this time, please click “Apply” on the top to apply the change. Once the application is completed, we hide disk partition in Windows 7 successfully. To be specific, the target partition will be invisible in Windows Explorer, and it is also impossible to make it visible in disk management utility. To unhide the disk partition, users have to ask MiniTool Partition Wizard for help.

    If your computer saves private or confidential information, take one of the two solutions according to your demands.