Do you know that Google is bringing Android games to Windows PC in 2022? Why and how does Google bring Android games to Windows PC? This post from MiniTool Partition Wizard will show you all.

Why Does Google Bring Android Games to Windows PC?

During The Game Awards 2021, Google announced that is bringing its collection of Android games to PC sometime in 2022. The official reason is definitely that Google wants to give users a better experience. But thinking of the previous news that Microsoft Store is open to third-party app stores, we can guess that Google is making a counterattack.

Now, it’s certain that Amazon Appstore and Epic Games Store will be integrated into Microsoft Store. Amazon Appstore is the official application store of the Fire OS system under Amazon and the third-party genuine application store of the Android system. Epic Games Store is a PC game store.

With the help of Microsoft Store, the Amazon Appstore and Epic Games Store may develop better. Steam may not care about the threat of Epic Games Store, because they are PC software originally. But Google Play will not ignore the threat of the Amazon Appstore.

Google Play and Amazon Appstore are Android app stores. Initially, Android apps can’t run on Windows without the help of Android emulators like BlueStacks. However, Microsoft Store and Amazon Appstore are breaking the boundary.

In order to maintain its position as the leader of the industry, Google Play should take measures immediately. As you can see, Google Play plans to bring Android games to Windows laptops, tablets, and PCs sometime in the next year.

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How Does Google Bring Android Games to Windows PC?

Unlike Amazon Appstore that cooperates with Microsoft, Google builds a new app on its own — Goggle Play Games. This will be a native Windows app and will support Windows 10 and up.

In addition, this app will not rely on emulation technologies, because Microsoft has built an underlying Windows Subsystem for Android, which is capable of running Android apps from a variety of sources.

As we all know, mastering the games distribution platform is very important. Google get rid of Microsoft and do this job alone, which shows the ambition of Google. Following the app’s launch on Windows, Greg Hartrell, Google’s product director of games on Android and Google Play, also has plans to expand to other platforms as well.

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Bottom Line

Once the Google Play Games is released, you can seamlessly switch between phones, tablets, and Windows PCs. In addition, you can play a huge number of Google Play games on Windows PC. Whatever, we users can benefit from this app.

Nowadays, Microsoft and now Google work on bringing Android apps and games to Windows. With no doubt, most users will no longer run Android games on Windows via Android emulators. Then, for those Android emulators, what’s the way out of this situation?

Maybe they can take BlueStacks as a reference. It is now bringing Android games to web browsers.

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