Is there a Genshin Impact Xbox version? Where can you play Genshin Impact? In this post, MiniTool would make a reply. If you are eager to play Genshin Impact on Xbox, you can pay attention to this guide. It would show you all the details about it.

Is Genshin Impact on Xbox

Sadly, the answer is “No” for now! There’s no Genshin Impact Xbox version at the time of writing. It means that you can’t play Genshin Impact on Xbox. It is said that Microsoft talked with miHoYo about the development of Genshin Impact earlier but didn’t reach a deal.

According to Reuter’s source, Microsoft accelerated its search for a Chinese developer to generate something like Genshin Impact for its ecosystem. They would like to make up for missing out on Genshin Impact by doing so.

Why is Genshin Impact not on Xbox? Some people analyzed that Asia is the concentrated market of Genshin Impact but Xbox’s presence in Asia is too low.

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Where Can You Play Genshin Impact

Since the Genshin Impact Xbox edition is not available yet, you can play it on other platforms. At present, Genshin Impact is available on PS4, PS5, PC, iOS, and Android. You can find and download Genshin Impact on the PlayStation Store, Epic Games Launcher, Apple Store, and Google Play Store respectively. The file size of Genshin Impact varies on different devices.


Genshin Impact is a live service, which means that it will get updates constantly. So, you should prepare more space for it based on the requirement.

  • The file size on PS4 and PS5: It requires 9.81GB space on PS4 and 31GB on PS5.
  • The file size on PC: The file size of the Genshin Impact PC version is 33.65GB. (extra 1.5GB is required for installing Epic Games Launcher)
  • The file size on iOS: 4GB
  • The file size on Android: 349MB (initital download) + 3.1GB

As for Genshin Impact Switch edition, it was announced in 2020 but it’s still in development. To see more details read this post: Genshin Impact Switch: Release Date, New Features, Availability

How about the Genshin Impact Xbox version? Will Genshin Impact be on Xbox in the future? There are many different sounds on the Internet. Some people think it’s possible, while others state that the chance is small. As there’s no official announcement, we couldn’t offer a definite answer.

The analysis below may let you know whether you can get Genshin Impact on Xbox.

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Will Genshin Impact Be on Xbox

There’s no sign indicating that Sony has any kind of exclusivity with miHoYo about Genshin Impact. And the fact that Genshin Impact is nearly available on all platforms but for Xbox also proves it. Will Genshin Impact be on Xbox?

It is hard to say. Despite being quizzed by gamers, the studio has kept silent about its plans. Hence, we don’t know if Genshin Impact will launch Xbox. If the content of Reuter’s report is any indication, it doesn’t look like the game will come to Xbox.

If an Xbox port gets confirmed, you can expect Genshin Impact on Xbox. As for the release date, it could be in early 2024 or so. But it’s still not confirmed yet. You may need to wait for more time. Before the release of Genshin Impact Xbox, you can enjoy the game on other devices like PS4, PS5, Windows PC, etc.

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