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What Is Dual CPU Motherboard?

Dual CPU motherboard refers to a motherboard with two CPUs or processors. Usually, this kind of motherboards have two CPU sockets to hold the chipsets. And, dual processor motherboards usually have better performance (if not double powerful) than single CPU motherboard, such as faster speed.

The 2 CPUs on the double-CPU motherboard share resource (memory, cache, buses, etc.) and are synchronized together to multi-process the workload to be split between the 2.

Advantages of Dual CPU Motherboard

Besides faster responding speed, dual-CPU motherboards are also equipped with many PCIe slots, SATA and M.2 ports, which enables you to add more GPUs, RAM chips and storage drives, thus to upgrade your graphics card, memory card, as well as storage space for better visual and computer performance.

Another advantage of dual CPU mobo is that it saves space compared with a common single CPU board. Especially for cloud computing and data centers, using dual-processor or quad-processor motherboards will decrease the number of computers, thus save much physical space for containing those machines.

What are ATX Motherboard Dimensions in ATX Specification?
What are ATX Motherboard Dimensions in ATX Specification?

This essay mainly introduces the ATX motherboard dimensions of the standard form (12 × 9.6 in) as well as the variants.

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What Do Dual CPU Motherboards Used for?

Dual-CPU mainboards are usually used for servers and high-end enterprise workstations. They work on tons of tasks from server farms and cloud-based services for people. Also, dual-processor is capable of complex video editing and rendering large movie scenes.

In the old days, when the processors are limited to 4 or 8 cores, in order to build a powerful workstation at a relatively low price, adopt a dual socket motherboard or multiple CPU board is a good choice.

Therefore, you do not have to get the most recent CPU, instead, gather several old CPUs together on a multi-CPU motherboard. The latter will probably bring you much better computer performance than the former.

[Certified] Best Motherboard CPU Combo for Gaming
[Certified] Best Motherboard CPU Combo for Gaming

This post covers the best motherboard CPU combo in different conditions, mostly for gaming and sale.

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Can You Use a Dual CPU Motherboard for Playing Games?

Of course, you can! Game players or video streamers can make use of a dual CPU motherboard to play video games or capture videos. Or, one person can stream his gameplay while gaming on the same machine, which is easier than operating on two PCs.

However, nowadays, the dual CPU gaming motherboards or multiple-CPU mobos are less popular. If you would like to have a computer with extremely faster speed, higher FPS, etc., you can take the newest AMD Threadripper CPU (supporting hyperthreading) motherboard for productivity-level tasks; if you want to stream while you are playing games, you can have an Intel Core i9 9900K or AMD Ryzen 9 3900X for streaming and gaming at the same time.

Since you can only use one CPU to handle your game at the same time, the other CPU will stay idle or just handle other processes. Therefore, generally, for gaming, a dual-processor motherboard is not necessary.

[5 Layers] Gaming CPU Hierarchy Charts: Intel and AMD
[5 Layers] Gaming CPU Hierarchy Charts: Intel and AMD

This article gives a CPU hierarchy of 5 tires in the form of a chart for gamers of different levels. The list consists of both AMD and Intel processors.

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To Wrap Things Up

Dual CPU motherboard does exist, like dual CPU motherboard i7, dual AMD CPU motherboard, and dual CPU motherboard Xeon. Yet, they are mostly for servers and workstations instead of mainstream consumer computers.

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