Dell is one of the biggest computer and computer part manufacturers. If you encounter problems with Dell products, you can contact Dell Customer Service to get help. This post from MiniTool Partition Wizard shows you how to do that.


When you contact Dell Support, they may ask for the Dell product number. Therefore, you can find your Dell product number in advance. Refer to the following post to find the product number for most Dell products: Dell Service Tag/Serial Number/ Warranty Lookup.

#1. Customer Service Numbers

Calling Dell Support may be the fastest way to get help from Dell. In addition, if your issue is a little complicated, this method is also the best suitable for you. What’s the Dell Customer Service number? Here is the list of Dell Tech Support phone numbers.

  • 1-800-624-9896: This Dell Support number offers support for basic hardware and personal computers (desktops, notebooks, tablets, workstations, networking, servers, storage, Wyse, and others). It also offers premium support and premium support plus. It is open 24/7.
  • 1-800-288-4410: This Dell Customer Service number offers fee-based out-of-warranty hardware support. It is open 7am – 12am CST Monday to Friday.
  • 1-866-795-5597: It offers Home users fee-based software support. It opens 7am – 12am CST Monday – Friday.
  • 1-866-362-5350: It offers support for client ProSupport (desktops, notebooks, tablets, workstations, and others). It is open 24/7.
  • 866-516-3115: It offers support for ProSupport Plus (desktops, notebooks, tablets, workstations, and others). It also offers multivendor support. It is open 24/7.
  • 1 800 782 4362 (1 800 SVC 4EMC): It offers Dell EMC Support (storage, data protection, and converged infrastructure support only).

  1. If you purchased a service from a reseller, but not from Dell directly, it’s the reseller’s duty to offer you the service, not Dell’s.
  2. Dell Services are available all around the world. If you are outside your home country, contact the Dell Service of the country where you are staying. Note that if an asset is not sold in that country, support will not be available until you turn home.
  3. Customers with Alienware, Inspiron, G-Series, and XPS systems, including peripherals and monitors shipping from March 13, 2017, with Basic Warranty, will no longer have International Warranty Service when traveling or relocating outside the original country of purchase.

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#2. Dell Chat 

Dell also offers an online chat service. Go to the Dell Support page and click the message icon in the bottom right corner. You can then send your message to the virtual assistant. 

Does Dell have an email service? It only has an email service for networking. For personal computer users, it doesn’t offer this service.

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Bottom Line

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