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Corsair RM vs RMx

Do you want to choose between Corsair RM and RMx series? If you want to buy a power supply unit, you may face this problem. In this post, MiniTool Partition Wizard introduces Corsair RM vs RMx, helping you make a wise purchase decision.

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Corsair is one of the best computer hardware and peripherals companies located in America. It manufactures products including high-end gaming computers, computer DRAM and DIMM modules, SSDs, power supplies, chassis, etc.

A power supply unit is an essential component for any computer. If you want to choose a PSU for your PC, you need to carefully consider the specifications in order to decide whether or not it is a good fit for your current PC build.

Some people want to choose between Corsair RM and RMx series. Then, I will compare Corsair RM vs RMx from the following 6 factors. Please read them and then make a wise purchase decision.

Power Supply Efficiency

A power supply unit’s job is to convert the existing AC power into DC power so that it can be used by the other components in your PC. However, in the power conversion process, some power will be converted into unnecessary heat. This is a kind of power waste.

To make the best use of power, 80 PLUS standard comes out. It requires a power supply to have the power conversion efficiency greater than 80% at 20%, 50%, and full load (100%). In addition, the 80 PLUS has six levels: 80 Plus, 80 Plus Bronze, 80 Plus Silver, 80 Plus Gold, 80 Plus Platinum, and 80 Plus Titanium. The higher the level, the better the power conversion efficiency.

Both Corsair RM and RMx series are certified with the 80 Plus Gold level. To know more about 80 PLUS standard, please read this post from Wikipedia.

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Fan Technology

Both the RM and RMx series have low-noise capacitors and transformers built into them and feature a zero RPB fan mode that only spins the PSU fan when under heavy loads. At low and medium loads, the PSU fan does not spin at all. But when the PSU is at full load, the fan is needed to cool down the PSU. At this time, you may want the fan to keep quiet even if it is in use.

In addition, both of the two series have a 135mm rifle bearing fan that has a specially calculated fan curve that ensures the fan noise is kept to a minimum, even under full load.


Both the RM and RMx series are fully modular. Traditional power supplies will have cables that are permanently attached and cannot be removed. This is very annoying, because those useless cables will hang around.

However, a modular PSU will allow you to attach or detach cables as and when they are needed. This will reduce the amount of clutter inside your case, which can make things much easier when it comes to cleaning or maintenance. It can also help to improve the airflow inside the case.

Power Supply Capacitors

Capacitors can be used to smooth out the voltage and resist voltage changes, so if the applied voltage suddenly changes, the capacitor will not react immediately, and it will drag out the process to avoid damage.

Ordinary capacitors are rated at 85°C. However, the Corsair RM and RMx series have Japanese capacitors, rated at 105°C. This allows the PSU to run at full load, continuously, in environments as high as 50°C. In addition, this also makes capacitors have a longer life span.

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Protection Functions

All of the power supplies in the Corsair RMx Series have the necessary protection functions to ensure trouble-free operation, even in extreme conditions. And these features don't exist in most RM series. Below is a list of the included protections:

  • Over Current Protection (OCP): Shuts off power if any rail is overloaded beyond a safe level.
  • Over Voltage Protection (OVP): Shuts off power if voltages exceed specification.
  • Under Voltage Protection (UVP): Shuts off power if voltages drop below specification.
  • Short Circuit Protection (SCP): Shuts off power if a short circuit is detected.
  • Over Temperature Protection (OTP): Shuts off power if temperatures exceed a specified value.
  • Over Power Protection (OPP): Shuts off power if the total output power exceeds a safe level.

Warranty and Price

Both the Corsair RM and RMx series have 10 years warranty and the price is not much different. The price gap may be at $30 at most (just in terms of 850 watt). After reading Corsair RM vs RMx, you can decide which to buy according to your needs.

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