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Converting Dynamic Disk to Basic deleted All Volumes, What to Do

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    Sometimes users may need to convert dynamic disk to basic, and actually they can do this operation in Windows Disk Management. Nevertheless, converting dynamic disk to basic disk requires deleting all volumes. If not, the function “Convert to Basic Disk” in Disk Management will be grayed out:

    disk management screenshot

    Without having much knowledge of dynamic disk, most users just search how to convert dynamic disk to basic, and they often take the solution given by Microsoft, namely deleting all volumes for conversion. It is indeed an effective solution, but users have to suffer data loss unless they make a backup in advance. However, what if some of deleted volumes install significant files and there is no backup? Is there a good solution after converting dynamic disk to basic disk deletes all volumes? Of course there is. That is to recover deleted volumes with free partition recovery tool.

    Note: users had better not recreate new partitions after all volumes are deleted, which can prevent important data from being overwritten to a large extent.

    Here, we recommend MiniTool Partition Wizard since it is safe and easy to use.

    How to Recover Deleted Volumes with MiniTool Partition Wizard

    Firstly, download and install the free partition recovery tool to computer. Then, launch it to get the following interface:

    minitool partition recovery main interface

    In the interface above please select the disk where partition loss appears. Since we deleted all volumes on Disk 2 to convert it from dynamic disk to basic, now we need to select it and choose “Partition Recovery” from the left panel to get the following interface:

    recover deleted volumes set scanning range

    Next, set scanning range for the selected disk and click “Next”.

    recover deleted volumes choose scanning method

    Then, choose a scanning method from “Quick Scan” and “Full Scan”, and then click “Next”. After this operation, the free partition recovery tool will start scanning the specified range. After scanning, all found partitions will be listed like this:

    recover deleted volumes check needed partitions

    Here, users need to check all needed partitions for unchecked partitions will be lost, and then click “Finish” to go back to the main interface:

    recover deleted volumes apply changes

    Now users can preview recovered partitions which are without driver letter. Please appoint them with proper drive letters via the function “Change Drive Letter”, and then click “Apply” button on the top to perform all changes. After recovery users can open the recovered volumes to check whether important files are restored. If not, try doing deleted partition data recovery, which will not bring any damage to lost data.

    If you also delete all volumes for converting dynamic disk to basic, try using this free partition recovery tool to recover deleted volumes.