PS5 is a popular video game console. Sometimes, you may encounter something wrong with a CE-118878-3 error code while using it. However, there are no official solutions provided by SONY. In this post, MiniTool Partition Wizard introduces some possible solutions to this error code for you.

PS5, short for PlayStation 5, is a famous and popular video game console designed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. As the successor to PS4 (PlayStation 4), it includes many PS4 games and some new games. It also contains many new functions that are aimed to provide a better sense of experience.

Although PS5 has so many advantages, there are still some problems troubling players. One of these problems is the error code CE-118878-3. This post explains what the PS5 CE-118878-3 is and concludes with some solutions to this error code.

What Is the CE-118878-3 Error Code?

PS5 CE-118878-3 is an error code that appears during the game download or update on the PS5. Many players have encountered the error. When you are downloading or updating a game, the screen might show a warning that says “Can’t Install”. If you click the exclamation mark near this warning, you will see the CE-118878-3 error code which is explained by the message “Something went wrong”.

The error has appeared in different games and there is no accurate explanation about why the error happens. The reasons that lead to such an error might be various. So, users need to try different ways to solve it. The following are some possible solutions to the error.

How Can I Deal with CE-118878-3?

There are several methods for you to solve this problem.

Rebuild the Database

This function is built in PlayStation 5 and it is safe. It might help you solve PS5 CE-118878-3. In order to perform this operation, you must enter the Safe Mode on the PS5. Please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Switch your PS5 off.

Step 2: Keep pressing the Power button for several seconds.

Note: When pressing, you can hear a beep at the beginning and another beep several seconds later. After the second one, you should take your hand off the button.

Step 3: Connect your controller via a USB cable, and press the PS button on the controller.

Step 4: Then you get into the Safe Mode. Select the option 5 – Clear Cache and Rebuild Database, which starts with a scan of the drive and creates a new database of all the content in the system.

Tip: Remember to check whether the two regions that the content on the system and the PSN are related to are compatible with each other. If they come from different regions there will be a compatibility problem. That’s to say, the operation will fail.

Transfer Your Games to An External Hard Drive

If the games are on your PS5, you can try to transfer games to an external hard drive. That might remove the error code CE-118878-3 as well. Do as follows:

Step 1: Connect your external hard drive to your console.

Tip: If it is the first time for you to use an external hard drive on the PS5, you should format it as USB extended storage. To achieve it, you can go to Settings > Storage > USB Extended Storage > Format as USB Extended Storage. This will clear all your data in your external hard drive. Please back up the data first if there is any on the drive.

Step 2: Go back to the Storage interface and select Games and Apps on the right menu.

Step 3: On the screen, you can see Delete Content, Move PS4 Content, and Move PS5 Games. Choose what you want to move.

Step 4: You can click the Select All button or check the games you want to transfer manually.

Step 5: After you finish choosing the games, just click Move.

Step 6: Click OK on the pop-up window to carry out the operation.

Reset System

This is an unrecommended way because it will clean all the data on your PS5. If no other solutions work, the last one you can try is to perform a system reset, which means to return your PS5 system back to factory settings. Therefore, you also need to back up the data first. This operation will clear the CE-118878-3 error code.

Bottom Line

Are you bothered by the PS5 CE-118878-3? Do you want to solve it? The three solutions mentioned above might help. If you meet the CE-118878-3 error code when you are playing on your PS5, follow them to solve the problem. If you have any other questions, please leave them in our comment zone.

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