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What Is the Best Disk Partition for SSD and How to Get It

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    Compared with common hard disk, a solid state drive (SSD) is much better largely because of its amazing speed. A SSD-equipped PC or laptop may boot in seconds while a HDD requires dozens of seconds or even more than 1 minute. However, if we want to experience amazing speed of SSD, we should create correct partitions. Well then, what is the best disk partition for SSD?

    Simply speaking, partitions on SSD should be aligned correctly. If they are misaligned, both read and write speed will be affected. Under Windows OS released before Vista, users need to align partitions manually. But under Windows Vista and later Windows OS, all newly created partitions will be aligned automatically.

    However, if a partition on SSD has been operated like resized or moved, it may become unaligned. Moreover, if partitions on SSD are migrated or copied from other disks, they are always unaligned. Well then, how to check whether disk partitions on SSD are best or not? Please do the check in diskpart. Here, we take Windows 7 for example.
    • Click Start menu, type diskpart in Search programs and files box, right click diskpart program and run it as administrator.
    • Type the following 2 commands successively (every type ends with clicking Enter key): select disk N (N is the number of the SSD) – list partitions.
    After that, we can see the following information:

    how to check partition alignment in diskpart

    If the offset value of a partition is divisible by 4096 bytes, the very partition is aligned. If not, we need to do SSD alignment.

    How to Align Partitions on SSD

    To make the best disk partitions for SSD, we need to download a partition manager from the internet. Considering costs, security, availability, and other factors, we suggest using MiniTool Partition Wizard. It can be regarded as the best partition manager for Windows users. After installation, please launch it to get the main interface:

    align all partitions in partition wizard

    This program provides us with 2 functions to make SSD alignment. One is “Align All Partitions”, and the other is “Align Partition”. The former aligns all partitions on a SSD while the latter aligns the selected partition only.

    align a single partition in partition wizard

    After choosing the desired function, they just need to click “Apply” to perform the change. Very easy to use.
    Now users would know what is the best disk partition for SSD as well as how to align partitions. For tutorial help on using this free partition manager, please see Align SSD Partition.