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What Is the Best Disk Partition for SSD and How to Get It


Why We Need Best Partition on SSD

Compared with common hard disk (HDD), a solid state drive (SSD) is much better largely because of its amazing speed. For example, a SSD-equipped PC or laptop may boot in seconds while a HDD based computer requires dozens of seconds or even more than 1 minute. However, if we want to experience amazing speed of SSD, we should create correct partitions.

What Is The Best Partition for SSD

Firstly, partitions on SSD should be aligned correctly. If they are misaligned, both read and write speed will be affected. Under Windows OS released before Vista, users need to align partitions manually. But under Windows Vista and later Windows OS, all newly created partitions will be aligned automatically. Nevertheless, if partitions on SSD have been operated like resized and moved or partitions on SSD are copied from HDD (clone HDD to SSD), they are more likely to be misaligned.

Secondly, system partition of SSD (the partition installing Windows) should have more than 10GB free space left at least, which could speed up the computer, too. If it is short of free space, please extend it.

At last, you’d better create more than one partition on SSD, which makes it possible to save different types of files to different partitions. For example, Windows is installed in drive C, while games are saved in drive D, and other programs are installed in drive E. It could facilitate our operations as well as reduce losses when virus attack or system crash emerges.

How to Get Best Partition on SSD

To optimize SSD partitions, please download MiniTool Partition Wizard to help you, which is a free partition manager for SSD.

It could help you align partition(s), extend system partition, create partition, copy partition, and so on. For more functions of the freeware, please see MiniTool Partition Wizard Feature List.

Once the program is installed successfully, please start and launch it to get the main interface below:

minitool partition wizard main interface

Here, you can align partition(s), extend system partition, or do other partitioning operations.

To Align Partition(s)
To align a single partition, just select the partition you want to align and choose "Align Partition" function from the left action pane. If the partition is already aligned, Partition Wizard give the following message:

the selected partition is aligned

However, if it is misaligned, no error message will appear, and you just need to click "Apply" button to make the change performed.

If you do not know which partition is misaligned, please select the SSD and choose "Align All Partitions" feature from the left side. If the program detects misaligned partitions, it will give you the message below:

align all partitions on SSD

Just click "OK" and then "Apply" to finally align all detected partitions.

To Enlarge System Partition:
Please select the system partition and choose "Extend Partition" feature from the left action pane.

extend system partition

Then, choose an existing partition or unallocated space from the drop-down list of "Take Free Space from" to take free space, and drag sliding handle to decide how much space to take. Then, click "OK" to continue.

At last, click "Apply" button and the free partition manager will execute the change automatically for SSD.

For more partitioning operations on SSD, please refer to MiniTool Partition Wizard Software Tutorial Guide.

Now users would know what is the best disk partition for SSD as well as how to optimize SSD partitions. Just do corresponding partitioning operations to get best performance from SSD.