Learning the Battlefield 2042 initial release date is very important if you want to play it as early as possible. Well, MiniTool would tell you the Battlefield 2042 release date and some additional information about this game in this post of.

Battlefield 2042 Initial Release Date

Battlefield 2042, the seventeenth installment in the Battlefield series, is a 2021 first-person shooter game. Released on November 19, 2021, it is available on platforms including Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Prior to the full release of Battlefield 2042, you have an opportunity to play 10 hours of this game on November 12 only if you have subscribed either the EA Play or Xbox Game Pass service. If the EA Play and Xbox Game Pass subscription offerings and full retail editions are calculated, there are four releases for Battlefield in technically.

Tip: After the 10-hour trial period ends, you have to wait for the standard release to play more. You won’t lose your progress. Instead, the game progress will carry over to the full release date.

You have full access to the Battlefield 2042 since November 12 if you have the EA Play Pro membership or have pre-ordered the Gold and Ultimate Editions.

The announcement of the Battlefield 2042 release date comes with the Battlefield 2042 beta dates and an overview about Battlefield 2042 Portal. When does Battlefield 2042 come out? Well, you can learn the 2042 release date (November 19, 2021) from the above content. From that day, you can obtain the standard edition of Battlefield 2042.

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What’s New in Battlefield 2042

As mentioned earlier, Battlefield 2042 is available on multiple platforms. You may wonder that if it’s crossplay. Well, Battlefield 2042 supports cross-platform play for the first time in the series. Besides, this game has some other great features.

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For instance, it features 128-player maps, AI bots, new weapons and gadgets, a whole host of futuristic vehicles to play with, and classic series maps in the mind-bogging Portal mode. Moreover, you will see new core modes in the form of Hazard Zone and Battlefield Portal in this game.

The Specialist system is another addition to Battlefield 2042, in which you can build your own squads and determine your role on the battlefield. The E3 trailer of Battlefield shows seamless transition between gunfights in the street, through buildings or across rooftops.

Download KB5007186 for Windows 10 21H1/20H2/2004 Versions
Download KB5007186 for Windows 10 21H1/20H2/2004 Versions

As you know, Microsoft keeps releasing new updates for its Windows systems. The KB5007186 is one of these updates. You can get bug fixes from it.

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How to Obtain Early Access of Battlefield 2042

As said before, you can temporarily get early access to the Battlefield if you have the EA Play and Xbox Game Pass subscription offerings. What’s better, you are able to obtain full access to the game only if you are either the EA Play Pro user or Gold and Ultimate Edition subscriber.  If you are one of the above users, you can play Battlefield 2042 on November 12, 2021.

How about the price? The price varies on different platforms. For instance, the standard PS4/Xbox One/PC version charges you £59.99, while the PS5/Xbox Series X/S version charges you £69.99. Besides, the price is also different according to the game editions.

The Battlefield 2042 Gold Edition costs PC gamers £89.99, and console gamers £99.99. The Ultimate Edition costs £109.99 on PCs and £119.99 on consoles. You need to note that the price may change as time goes by.

Fix: Content Package No Longer Available Error on PS4/PS5/PC/Xbox
Fix: Content Package No Longer Available Error on PS4/PS5/PC/Xbox

How to fix the content package no longer available error on PC/PlayStation/Xbox devices? Well, there are some effective solutions for you.

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