Want to reinstall Firefox but do not know how to export your bookmarks from the browser? This post shows you how to backup Firefox bookmarks and how to restore them after you reinstall the browser on your computer.

It is necessary to back up bookmarks in web browsers especially when you plan to switch to another web browser, factory reset your computer, or do something else.

But, how to backup bookmarks? This post shows you how to backup Firefox bookmarks on Windows computers (note that you cannot use the Firefox mobile app to export bookmarks). Scroll down to get the tutorial.

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Backup Firefox Bookmarks

The browser will automatically back up your bookmarks and saves the last 15 backups for safekeeping if you have registered for a Firefox account. Apart from this way, Firefox also allows you to back up bookmarks manually. The tutorial is below.

Step 1: On the Firefox interface, select the Library icon on the toolbar and then click the Bookmarks option. If you fail to find this icon, you can select the Menu button and then click Library.

click Library > Bookmarks

Step 2: Click the Show All Bookmarks option.

click Show All Bookmarks

Step 3: Firefox will open the bookmark library window. Select the Import and Backup tab at the top of the window.

click Import and Backup

Step 4: Select the Backup option from the menu.

Note: If you want to export your Firefox bookmarks to HTML, please select the Export Bookmarks to HTML option.

Step 5: Save the backup as JSON and select a destination for it.

save the Firefox bookmark backup

Note that this is far enough to protect your Firefox bookmarks. To protect them better, you should save the backup to some sort of cloud storage or online backup.

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Restore Firefox Bookmarks

Restoring Firefox bookmarks is useful when you want to reinstall Firefox or set up the browser on a new device. This is as easy as backing up Firefox bookmarks. The tutorial is below.

Step 1: On Firefox interface, click Library > Bookmarks > Show All Bookmarks > Import and Backup.

Step 2: Import the Firefox bookmark backup. There are two ways based on the type of your backup file.

First way:

If you save the backup file as JSON, please select the Restore option. Then, select Choose File and select the backup.

click Restore > Choose File

Second way:

If you create an HTML backup from Firefox, select the Import Bookmarks from HTML option. Then, select your backup file.

click the Restore option

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Have you backed up your bookmarks in Firefox? Or have you restored your exported Firefox bookmarks to Firefox? If you run into some questions during each of the two processes, please tell me in the following comment zone and I will reply to you as soon as possible.

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