Have you paid attention to Lenovo Tech World held in 2019? In this conference, Lenovo showed off Project Limitless, the world's first 5G laptop. In this post, MiniTool will introduce them to you.

Lenovo Tech World Showed off Project Limitless

On November 15 this year, the feverishly anticipated Lenovo Tech World conference was held in the Chinese capital. In this conference, Lenovo showed off a number of smart networking products, including:

  • A foldable notebook ThinkPad X1: it can switch in multiple modes like tablet, notebook, e-book, etc. to meet a variety of scenarios like work, life and entertainment;
  • The nostalgia drenched foldable smartphone Motorola Razr: it is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor and runs Android 9 Pie operating system; its 6.2-inch foldable OLED display replaces the physical keyboard part, making the body smaller after folding;
  • Lenovo One: a nifty piece of software that allows users to control their phone from their PC;
  • Project Limitless: a 5G laptop;
  • And so on.
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What I'm interested most in is the Project Limitless, which is the world's first 5G laptop. Limitless was announced in May this year and determined to bring blisteringly fast network speeds in a thin and lightweight Yoga shell, which means that it comes with a display that can elegantly swivel around its base, allowing you to enjoy superfast 5G in either a traditional laptop or tablet form-factor.

To make Limitless support 5G, a Snapdragon X55 5G modem is fitted under the bonnet of Limitless. This modem is supplied by American manufacturer Qualcomm that is the partnership of Lenovo.

As the name suggests, the X55 allows the Lenovo device to support next-generation networks on the go. In addition, it won't gnaw away at your battery life while it does thanks to a number of efficiency upgrades.

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The Meaning of 5G Computer

Definitely, the 5G laptop is a huge boost for Windows 10. Theoretically, it'll allow you to download chunky files, stream pixel-packed 4K content, and play online games with low latency when out and about.

5G has been applied in certain cities across the globe, including London, Liverpool, Manchester and many more in the UK. It's already proven itself to be capable of delivering speeds over 1Gbps, that's significantly faster than 4G and even most home Wi-Fi setups.

In order to cater to this change, the launch of 5G computers is imperative. As Lenovo has declared, the Project Limitless was designed to be fit for the future where 8K streaming, augmented reality and virtual reality are expected to become the new norm.

The firm's Consumer Business of Intelligent Devices Group senior vice president and general manager, Johnson Jia, has ever commented on Limitless, saying "At Lenovo, we don’t innovate for the sake of technology alone. Everything we do is about improving people’s experience."

"With real 5G in a PC, it’s all about satisfying users’ need for speed: faster file transfers and streaming in 4K, 8K and even AR/VR; faster and higher quality video chats on-the-go; even faster screen refreshes for mobile gaming. When we say limitless connectivity, we mean it – 5G PC users the world-over will save time, stay productive, or get online entertainment from nearly anywhere, at any time.”

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So far, Lenovo has not announced the release date or price. However, according to the trend set by 5G phones, it's likely to be priced at a noticeable premium above 4G or Wi-Fi only rivals.

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