The Xbox Project Scarlett video reveals how stunning and powerful Microsoft's Next-gen Xbox looks. This article will show you more information about the new Xbox Project Scarlett.

The Next Flagship Xbox – Xbox Project Scarlett

The next flagship Xbox, called the Xbox Project Scarlett, is one of the most anticipated console launches in history. Of course, except for the rival Sony PS5.

This new Xbox Scarlett video shows what the Microsoft teams are working on and how chic and powerful the new console will look when it comes out next year.

The Xbox 2 video was provided by the respected designer Concept Creator, who designed it based on recent leaks and rumors circulating online. The YouTube Video creator has also made some designs based on Microsoft’s current flagship product, Xbox ONE X, which is currently the most powerful home game console.

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The Design

As for its design, the Scarlett console borrows the dimple cooling grille from Xbox One, which can be seen in the top of the console and has a port installed behind it. We are glad to see that it seems to include a digital optical output that been dropped down to the bottom of the console.

Interestingly, there seems to be a USB Type-C port in front of the machine, which complements the traditional USB port behind. Elsewhere, there is a traditional disk drive slot, which is consistent with the reported Scarlett flagship console that still uses physical media.

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Naturally, the name Scarlett is also printed on the system, which seems to be a way of recognition to Microsoft’s Limited Edition Scorpio project console. We think that Microsoft has a great opportunity to do the same for the next generation.

The Controller

The Xbox Project Scarlett Controller here looks very similar to the existing Xbox One Controller, but adds a light-emitting curvilinear lamp under the centrally installed power button.

It is said that Microsoft is trying to integrate some of the advanced features of Elite Controller 2 into the next generation of controllers, so on the surface, this one looks a little light. It is undeniable that the existing Xbox One controller is excellent in ergonomics.

Overall, this seems to be a conservative assumption for Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox flagship game consoles. However, it seems to be consistent with current predictions that a machine, as Xbox owner Phil Spencer said, will ” “set the benchmark for console gaming” with four times the power of the Xbox One X. His Xbox One X will require some serious cooling technology, which feels very realistic.

The Highlights

The Xbox Project Scarlett is Microsoft’s next-gen console, nicknamed Project Scarlett. It’ll launch “holiday 2020”, announced by Xbox chief Phil Spencer in LA at the Xbox E3 2019 press conference.

It will use customized AMD’s Zen2 and Navi processors, with clocks roughly four times that of Xbox One X. It will support up to 8K video and up to 120 frames per second frame rate. Microsoft also mentioned that it will support ray tracing. And, like PS5, it also has an SSD that can load faster.

Project Scarlett will support four generations of content, too – next-gen, Xbox One, 360 and original Xbox.

The End

Hope more details about the look and performance of Xbox Scarlett will be released soon. And both of the Project Scarlett and Sony PlayStation 5 will be released in 2020.

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