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Software to align partitions after SSD installation

  • With knowing advantages of solid state drive (SSD), I purchased a 512GB SATA SSD to obsolete the tradition rotating hard disk. Since I am unwilling to reinstall Windows 7, I directly copied the whole hard disk to SSD by using Disk to Disk feature of Ghost. However, after booting from SSD, I found boot speed and read-write speed are not as fast as I imagine. Then, I ran DiskPart with the help from the internet to check whether 4k is aligned, only to find the following situation:

    The interface above shows all my SSD partitions are unaligned (only when Offset size in KBs is divisible by 1024 can partitions be aligned, which is told by Google), so I hope to download a piece of software to align partitions after SSD installation. Which one is worth owning?

    The Best Software to Align SSD Partitions

    As we know, SSD partitions being unaligned will slow down computer boot-up speed as well as disk read-write speed, and even influence SSD service time to a large extent. Therefore, it is quite necessary to align partitions after SSD installation. Nevertheless, Windows does not provide users with an easy method for partition alignment, so we recommend a piece of available partition software in the following content.

    MiniTool Partition Wizard is the very partition tool we recommend. By using it, users can align partitions of SSD in one step and without data loss while DiskPart requires extremely complex operations. Next, let’s see how to align all partitions by using this partition software.

    Align SSD Partitions by Using MiniTool Partition Wizard

    To use this software to align partitions after SSD installation, we need to download and install it on SSD. Then, run it to see the following main interface:

    In the main interface, select the disk which needs aligning and click the function "Align All Partitions"from action panel.

    At last, click "Apply"button in toolbar to apply the change to computer. After application, we will be successful to align all partitions on SSD.

    If users just want to align a single partition, they can also turn to the partition software MiniTool Partition Wizard. Operations are so simple, too. Now that SSD partition being unaligned will bring users a lot of problems, download this partition software to align partitions after SSD installation so as to optimize SSD performance at once.