Screen sharing software enables you to share your screen with others. This is a great way to communicate with others online. Which screen sharing software to select? MiniTool will introduce you 6 best screen sharing software in this post.

This post is going to illustrate you 6 best free screen sharing software. If you are search for it, this post is what you need.


Zoom is used for everyday screen sharing. It is available for systems like Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. As a free real-time messaging and video conferencing program, it enables you to host online meetings and calendar them via Outlook, Gmail, and iCal.

Members can join the chat and enter the meeting room by clicking a prompted link. After entering the room, they can talk with others via HD video and audio. A meeting room supports 1000 video participants at most.

Tip: You can share your screens as well. However, if the host selects the lock screen share feature, nobody except him can show the screen content.

Zoom manages to keep a video connection by adjusting quality depending on bandwidth even if your networks are unstable. This feature is rather useful for screen sharing. In a word, Zoom is one of the best free screen sharing software.

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Mikogo, a cross-platform screen sharing program, can control apps remotely. It is compatible with desktop and mobile devices. To share screen with Mikogo, you need to download and install the app because it only can be accessed via browser. You can either show a single application on the screen or the entire desktop.

This screen sharing software keeps the history of all past sessions including the information of meeting’s data, duration, participants. It also includes features like automatic language detection, 256-bit AES encryption and SSL security, Mac and Windows accessibility, mouse and keyboard control, voice conferencing, file transfer, etc.

Mikogo is suitable for groups or companies that want project managers to meet with employee on a one-to-one basis that is the only available feature of free version. The Mikogo 14-day trial version allows up to 25 people to meet.

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Screenleap is one of the best screen sharing software that is supported by platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and any operating system supports Chrome browser. More importantly, you are allowed to share screen without installing Screenleap app. You can obtain a permanent URL through Screenleap and then anyone with the link is able to join the meeting when you’re sharing.

Though the audio or video conferencing feature is not available for the free version of Screenleap, you can communicate with other by typing in the chat window. Besides, the Screenleap free version allows up to 8 users to meet for 40 (at most) minutes per day and 2 meetings.


TeamViewer is both the screen sharing & monitoring software and remote access tool. In addition to screen, it also allows you to share video and audio with participants. To avoid sharing the entire desktop, you can only show parts of the screen or individual applications.

Tip: TeamViewer is supported Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

TeamViewer is well-known for its fast file transfer capabilities, the ability to distinguish between file types, and wide cross-platform coverage. It requires a download before using. TeamViewer is a piece of free screen sharing software for personal, non-commercial users.


Skype, one of the best screen sharing and video conferencing software, allows you to have a video chat and voice calling between computers, tablets, and mobile devices. Besides, it is also one of the original videoconferencing services via account and download.

Note: Microsoft-owned Skype allows you to create video meetings with no sign-ups or downloads.

On Skype, you can create a poll to share with other participants. Skype call recording allows you to record your calls to play later. Moreover, Skype keeps your sensitive conversion private with encryption. With Skype, you are able to call people who are not online. It is also supported by Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

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Surfly, a co-browsing tool, can be contained into a website or SaaS app. It can integrate with widget tools like Intercom, Zendesk, and Olark. After connecting with support agents, you can click the elements on the page and then utilize them to have video conferences.

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