The below content from MiniTool Partition Wizard mainly describes the differences between Applied Energistics and Refined Storage modes. They are different in auto-crafting, disk, channel, P2P Tunnel, fluid handling, cable, appearance look, etc.

What Is Refined Storage?

According to FTB Refined Storage WIKI, Refined Storage (RS) is a kind of network-based mass storage mod for Minecraft players. It is created by raoulvdberge with art by CyanideX and contribution from Way2muchnoise. The Minecraft Refined Storage adds a variety of items and blocks used for network-based digital storage and management of items & fluids inspired by Applied Energistics (AE).

According to CourseForge, with the mod, the players are able to save fluids and items in one of the massively expandable network devices. For Minecraft players, any storage devices connected in the same network are available via one simple Grid interface. It allows the players to access the inventories of various devices by a single unified graphical user interface (GUI).

Besides, Minecraft Refined Storage mode adds devices that can be applied to manipulate blocks and items in the game world as well as from within the mode system, including constructors, destructors, importers, exporters, etc. Moreover, the mod also offers devices enabling game players to set up automatic crafting, and allowing the crafting of complex recipes in just a few clicks.

About Minecraft Applied Energistics

According to FTB Applied Energistics WIKI, Applied Energistics is a modification or mode for Minecraft. It is a model created by AlgorithmX2 focusing on storage auto-crafting as well as compactness. For Applied Energistics, blocks and items can be stored on disks instead of barrels or chests, which makes storage more compact and easier.

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Applied Energistics also offers several auto-crafting options from basic crafting grid operations to machine crafting integration. It can provide integration with a few mods like Thermal Expansion, Logistics Pipes, IndustrialCraft2 and BuildCraft.

Applied Energistics

Refined Storage vs AE2

In general, Refined Storage Minecraft and Applied Energistics 2 are for different needs. Refined Storage is for players who want a Minecraft simple storage network system while Minecraft Applied Energistics 2 is for users who seek challenges with their setups such as more types of items, channels and resources.

Refined Storage Pros

  • Fully MCMP compatible and can work with Chisels and Bits
  • Easy to use and setup
  • Better for great mass storage

Applied Energistics 2 Pros

  • Better auto-crafting & all-in-one chunk solutions
  • Better wireless terminals/grids/transmitter
  • Base-to-base connections
  • Inventory stacks upgrade by machine
  • More flexible and advanced

RS vs AE2: Autocrafting

Refined Storage Crafters do not need extra crafting modules (Molecular Assembler), and they can multitask. It does not need to Crafting CPU. The only thing it requires is that the Crafter is workable. Yet, for machine patterns, RS does need another module while Applied Energistics 2 can achieve both from its Pattern Terminal.

AE takes the needed items out of the system and puts them in the Crafting Storage Unit whereas Refined Storage takes items directly from the system for usage and crafts more if required. Besides, Applied Energistics 2’s Interface has an option of not pushing items in the container if there are already items, which is crucial for stuff that needs a specific amount of items dropped onto the ground or a table. Refined Storage can do that too but only in version 1.11.2.

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Refined Storage vs Applied Energistics 2: Disk

Refined Storage drives storage by item, 1000 items for 1k drive for instance. So, you are recommended to make the largest items as you can. While Applied Energistics 2 drives storage with complicated formula and is also limited to 63 different items on a drive.

RS vs Applied Energistics 2: Channel

Refined Storage does not have any channels, it just slaps items anywhere in the network. Whereas Applied Energistics 2 has a limit on how many things a cable can support. An AE2 SSD is a good example of a large number of channels while actually only one channel is needed.

Applied Energistics 2 vs Refined Storage: Cable

Refined Storage needs one block for each item, such as a grid or an exporter. Yet, Applied Energistics 2 attaches terminals and buses onto cables. Thus, you can put one attachment on each cable side. also, AE2 relies on the occasional power cable bridge shenanigans to handle the limitation of the channel but its more compatible.

AE2 vs Refined Storage: P2P Tunnels

Applied Energistics 2 has P2P Tunnels to move items that it does not interact with directly. Basically, you are able to connect 2 different parts in the network to transfer fluids, power, light, redstone and so on. RS adds a similar block for power in version 1.11. Also, AE2 has ME P2P Tunnels that are extremely useful for handling with channels.

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Applied Energistics 2 vs RS: Appearance

Refined Storage is compatible with MCMultipart (including Bits and Chisels) to hide its cables. While Applied Energistics 2 has to use its own facades. RS terminals are blue while AE2’s terminals take on the color of the cable they are attached to.

AE2 vs RS:Ender IO Conduits, Fluid Handling and Security

Ender IO has Applied Energistics 2 cables even if they aren’t compatible with the multi-part system. Yet, RS only adds Ender IO in its 1.11 version.

Refined Storage handles fluid very well while Applied Energistics 2 can’t handle them at all, at least not without addons.

Applied Energistics 2 has security while Refined Storage only has it in 1.11 version.

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