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How to Recover Lost Partition after Wrong Deletion/Clean?

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    Today computer is playing a very important role in our daily life, because it is very much accurate, and can accomplish many tasks easily and fast. Besides, we are getting accustomed to communicating with the world by using computer and storing work files and personal files to computer. Due to these reasons, computer should be taken good care of. However, data loss still happens often and is so annoying for most of us. Among the many situations, partition loss is very common. In this post, what we are going to talk is how to recover deleted partition Windows 10.

    Reasons behind Partition Loss

    Although most of the time we are taking great care while operating computer, some accidents can still happen without our attention. For example, the following situations are the main causes of partition loss:

    1. Accidental deletion. If you accidentally carry out the followings, partition loss happens without a backup.
    • Wrong deletion: probably you rearrange hard drive partitions and then you accidentally delete a partition you need.
    • Clean on the wrong disk: you think you are clean on only one partition in diskpart but in fact, all partitions on the drive are cleaned.
    • Clean the whole drive while reinstalling operating system: when you reinstall Windows, you are likely to tell Windows to clean the whole drive but actually, you want to clean the original system partition.
    2. Corrupt partition table: due to improper operations or virus/malware attack, the partition table can get damaged and leads to partition loss.
    3. Power outage: if power surges while the partition is being read/write accessed, a partition may get corrupt and therefore no longer be displayed.
    4. Hardware issues: one or more hardware issues may cause corruption in a partition and make it missing, even if the hard drive itself is healthy.
    5. Bad sectors: a partition may get corrupt due to a large number of bad sectors, hence it may no longer be displayed or the operating system reads it as Bad Disk.

    And in this post, we mainly focus on how to recover lost partition on external hard drive/hard disk drive/SSD/USB flash drive caused by the former 3 reasons.

    How to Recover Lost Partition

    Use MiniTool Partition Wizard

    Knowing the reasons that lead to partition loss, now it's time to offer the suggestions. Generally speaking, partition recovery software is very useful to do lost partition recovery. Then which is the best partition recovery software? As far as we can see, MiniTool Partition Wizard, which has earned great reputation all over the world, is worthy of being tried.

    Developed by MiniTool Solution Ltd., MiniTool Partition Wizard is a piece of professional partition manager software that can deal with many issues. For example, if you encounter "low disk pace warning" issue or "Windows 10 couldn't update the system reserved partition" issue, "Extend Partition" is useful. Or when you meet "operating system not found" message when booting up Windows, "Rebuild MBR" is of significance. And, when partition loss happens against your will, you can try its "Partition Recovery Wizard" to get out of the trouble.

    • Recover lost partition is the most effective way if you realized partition loss before you recreate partition and store new data to it.
    • Partition recovery is a paid feature, so you can use the Trial Edition first to have a scan and see whether it can find the lost partitions before you pay a penny. Download the lost partition recovery software free now!

    Now please follow the guide below and try to recover accidentally deleted partition.

    Step 1. After installing MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro, you just launch it to the main interface. Then you can see all your hard drives connected to this PC are displayed on the disk map, together with the key information. Now click the disk which suffers from data loss and select "Partition Recovery" from the left menu.

    partition recovery

    Step 2. Now choose a scanning range and click "Next" to go on.
    Full Disk: this will scan the entire disk to find partitions. (recommended)
    Unallocated Space: this only scan the free space to improve the scanning speed.
    Specific Range: you need to enter the specific starting LBA and ending LBA to customize the scanning.

    scanning range

    Step 3. Here you need to choose whether you want a quick scan or full scan. Then click "Next".
    Quick Scan: this is suitable for scanning the drive if the lost/deleted partitions are continuous.
    Full Scan: this will scan every sector of the specific scanning range, and is suitable when Quick Scan cannot help.

    scanning method

    Step 4. After a while, Partition Wizard will list all partitions it has found.
    Tip: by double clicking a partition, you can preview files in it and you know whether Partition Wizard has found the right partition.

    scanning result

    explore partition

    Step 5. Now you need to check all partitions you need before you click "Finish". Partitions you don't check will be deleted.


    Step 6. Back to the main interface, you can see the partitions you have checked will appear on the drive. Finally, hit "Apply" to make this partition recovery into effect.


    To get a more intuitive guide, you can watch this video:

    When lost partition recovery is finished, you must be curious that why you can't find them under Windows Explorer. Don't worry, as long as you have added a drive letter to them, they will appear. To add a drive letter, please do the followings:

    Step 1. Click the partition that lacks drive letter and select "Change Drive Letter" from the Partition Management menu.

    change letter

    Step 2. In the pop-up window, drop down the drive letter box and choose a drive letter. Then click "OK" to exit this window. Finally hit "Apply" to execute.

    choose letter

    After doing these, lost partition recovery is finished in the real sense. If you think these are helpful, share it to your friends.

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    Writing here, we want to share a true story from partitionwizard.com to help you get to know Partition Wizard better:

    "Hello, please an answer, what should I do first in my case? I did use CMD with next commands: clean disk and convert MBR to GPT, now my disk is in another PC and is in unallocated state.
    What? Is there a better way to try recovering some files, to convert the disk back to MBR, or try to recover as it is now(GPT), please answer.
    Thank you very much, all the best."

    After reading the above comment, we know the user ran list disk > select disk n > clean > convert gpt in diskpart so as to convert hard drive to GPT before he realized all partitions are lost, and he really wanted to know how to recover data after his operations. In fact, he can use "Partition Recovery" feature of MiniTool Partition Wizard straightly on his current GPT disk and all partitions can be found and recovered. Partition Wizard is really a partition magic! But for those who want to convert MBR disk to GPT disk without losing data, we think using "Convert MBR Disk to GPT Disk" feature of Partition Wizard is a wise choice instead of using diskpart.

    Use MiniTool Power Data Recovery

    In fact, MiniTool Partition Wizard is useful when the hard drive is not repartitioned and overwritten by new data. If your partitions are lost due to Windows reinstallation and the whole drive is cleaned and overwritten by the operating system, we advise you to use another data recovery software, which is called MiniTool Power Data Recovery do recover lost data from lost partition.

    MiniTool Power Data Recovery is one of the best data recovery software for Windows users and has helped a huge number of users to retrieve lost data. Inherited the concise style of MiniTool series, Power Data Recovery offers five modules to cope with different data loss situations in Windows 10/8/7.

    • Undelete Recovery: recover deleted files from the local drive even if you have emptied the Recycle Bin.
    • Lost Partition Recovery: recover lost partitions due to wrong deletion or Windows reinstallation.
    • Damaged Partition Recovery: deep scan and recover data from damaged, RAW or formatted partition.
    • Digital Media Recovery: recover photos, mp3/mp4 files, and video files from flash drives and memory sticks.
    • CD/DVD Recovery: recover deleted files from formatted or erased CD/DVD disc.

    Knowing the functions of these file modules, you must know which module is most suitable for you to recover data from deleted partition. Yes, it is Lost Partition Recovery. Now let's begin. First of all, download the Free Edition of Power Data Recovery to have a try before you purchase.

    Power Data Recovery Free Edition offers 1GB data recovery service free to help users judge whether this software is helpful to solve their data loss issue. If you find it is helpful and want to recover more, you need to purchase advanced editions. Now get Power Data Recovery Personal (with lifetime upgrade service) at great price.

    Step 1. After installing Power Data Recovery on computer (install on another drive to avoid data overwriting), select Lost Partition Recovery module on the main interface.

    lost partition recovery

    Step 2. Power Data Recovery will list all your drives as well as partitions that used to be on the drive. Now you can select the hard drive to start a full scan.

    scan partition

    Step 3. Depending on the hard drive/partition capacity and the data amount, Power Data Recovery requires different time to finish a scanning. Then it will display all files it has found. Unfold each folder and check the needed files one by one and then you can choose a safe location to store. Also, you can use the "Filter" feature to help find a sort of files.

    Tip: we recommend storing data on another hard drive to avoid data overwriting. In this way, you can resort to other data recovery method if Power Data Recovery does not help.

    check data

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    How to Avoid Partition Loss

    Ok now we know how to recover lost partition using best partition recovery software - MiniTool Partition Wizard and how to recover data from deleted partition using Power Data Recovery, we think it is necessary to tell how to avoid partition loss in an effective way, as partition recovery or data recovery is always bothering and sometimes is rather time-consuming.

    So what is the most effective way? In our opinion, hard drive backup should always be the first choice if you attach great importance to the data on the drive. After all, no one can guarantee that he will never make a mistake during hard drive management in the coming days. Here we think using "Copy Disk" feature of MiniTool Partition Wizard is helpful because it not only helps to back up data drive, but also can back up system disk and ensure that you can boot from the target drive if the source disk goes into error. For more information, you can read How Do I Clone Hard Drive in Windows 10?


    Here comes to the end of this article. In this post, we mainly tell what cause partition loss, how to recover lost partition, how to recover data from deleted partition and how to avoid partition loss in our daily life. Hope you can benefit something from this post.

    Now it's your turn. If you are troubled by accidental partition loss and do want to restore the lost partition, try using MiniTool Partition Wizard to help you. If your hard drive becomes inaccessible, try Power Data Recovery instead. Should you have any questions towards using MiniTool software, welcome to leave us comments in the comment zone, or you can email to [email protected]