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If Dynamic Disk Invalid Issue Occurs, How to Repair It?


Dynamic Disk Is Invalid in Disk Management

As you know, the hard drive is a data storage device that is used on your computer. And Windows has a built-in diagnostic tool which can scan and inform you some hard drive issues. If the tool detects an error, when you enter into Disk Management in Windows, you can see the relevant information. Thereinto, dynamic disk invalid issue is very common, just like the following screenshot shows:

dynamic disk invalid

From this picture, you know your disk 1 is a dynamic disk but it is in "invalid" status, at this time, it is not allowed to access the data on this hard drive. Besides, you can also find diskpart disk 0 status invalid issue if you open diskpart. When searching this problem online, you can find some forums about it.

Here is an actual example:

"Just I got a new computer with windows 7. The first disk was a basic type of disk and worked fine but when I tried my other hard disk which is dynamic it just says it is invalid. The computer recognizes the disk in disk management. In disk management, it comes up with a red arrow pointing down with a circle round it and says it is invalid. When I select reactivate disk it says "This operation is not allowed on the invalid disk pack" The only other option available is to convert to basic disk but I need the data."
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When Does Dynamic Disk Show Invalid Status

When meeting such a problem, you may ask: under what situation will dynamic disk show invalid status? Four cases are displayed below now.

  • It is likely to meet such a disk issue after replacing your computer chassis or changing some computer components in the chassis.
  • An external hard drive is as a dynamic disk, but Windows can’t access data on this external hard drive and it is marked as "invalid".
  • If you plug your dynamic disk in a hard disk cartridge and use it for a period of time, then take out it from the cartridge and plug in your chassis, probably you can find this dynamic disk is in invalid status in Disk Management.
  • In a dual system, you find your dynamic disk is in healthy status on a Windows OS, but it is invalid in another operating system.

After knowing so much information about "dynamic disk shows invalid in Disk Management" issue, you are likely to be curious about its reasons. Here we will give you detailed information for it as follows.

Reasons of Dynamic Disk Invalid Problem

Generally speaking, there are two main factors for such an issue in Windows Disk Management.

reason1OS Doesn’t Support Dynamic Disk

It is the main factor that Windows operating system provided by Microsoft Cooperation doesn’t support dynamic disk if the dynamic disk is invalid. All Microsoft Home Editions of operating systems don’t support dynamic disks, including Windows Vista Home Basic Edition, Vista Home Premium Edition, Windows 7 Home Basic Edition, Windows 7 Home Premium Edition and the OS before Windows 2000, such as Windows 98, NT and MS-DOS. Here is a detailed situation to help you know the factor well.

All Microsoft Home Editions of operating systems don't support dynamic disks, including Windows Vista Home Basic Edition, Vista Home Premium Edition, Windows 7 Home Basic Edition, Windows 7 Home Premium Edition and the OS before Windows 2000, such as Windows 98, NT and MS-DOS. Here is a detailed situation to help you know the factor well.

For Example:

You have converted to dynamic disk on my computer with Windows 7 Professional Version. Recently you buy a new computer with Windows 8 Home Version, and you want to continue using the dynamic disk on the new computer, however, you find this disk is in an invalid state when entering into Windows 8 Disk Management.

reason2Dynamic Disk Information Isn’t Recorded

It is possible that a part of dynamic disk information is stored in the registry. When adding a dynamic disk to another computer, the system registry doesn’t make a record for dynamic disk information. So it is necessary to import dynamic disk information to the system registry first of all to another computer.

So once you experience such a problem, what should you do to repair invalid dynamic disk issue?

How to Solve Dynamic Disk Invalid Issue

After learning about particular reasons, now it is time to reactivate dynamic disk. Maybe you have searched the solution to this topic on the internet, and here we make a summary of such a problem. Generally speaking, there are four solutions, so please keep on reading.

solution 1 Solution 1: Convert Invalid Dynamic Disk to Basic

Before you do, you may reactivate dynamic disk with Disk Management. Whereas when you right click "Reactivate Disk" feature, you will receive such an error "This operation is not allowed on the invalid disk pack". So dynamic disk invalid reactivate this way is not useful. Try this solution - to convert to basic disk from dynamic disk.

use 1 Use MiniTool Partition Wizard

In order to make sure that data on the target dynamic disk is safe, the method of converting to basic disk is very important. Is there any simple way? Of course, you can try a professional partition and disk management software to do this work without data loss. Also, MiniTool Partition Wizard is a good recommendation to manage your partition and disk well, especially to convert to basic disk without losing data from dynamic disk. This partition magic is designed to own six editions, including Free, Professional, Pro Ultimate, Server, Enterprise, and Technician. And each edition is different from others. Click to know the comparison.

1. If dynamic disk invalid issue is caused by changing the operating system, MiniTool Partition Wizard can successfully convert the invalid disk to basic disk. Otherwise, this partition manager doesn’t work.
2. MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition doesn’t support dynamic disk management, so if you want to convert invalid dynamic disk to basic, it is suggested to use its Professional Edition or a more advanced edition.

How to repair invalid dynamic disk without data loss? Step-by-step guidance is as follows:

Step 1: Please launch MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional Edition and then in the main interface, you can see all disks listed. Please select the target dynamic disk which shows bad disk here. Then click "Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic" from "Convert Disk" menu in the left pane.

convert invalid disk to basic

Step 2: Then you can preview the dynamic disk will become a basic disk. Then click "Apply" to make this operation effective to repair invalid dynamic disk without data loss.


Then MiniTool Partition Wizard will inform you to close all other applications before you apply the pending changes. Click "Yes" to begin the conversion process.


If you want to know more details, this video is worth recommending.

run 1 Run Disk Management

When it comes to the conversion between the dynamic disk and basic disk, some of you probably say: "Can I use Disk Management to do this work? Whether data is safe or not? Any suggestion?" Please look at the guidance below to find the answers.

Step 1: First of all, please run Disk Management by pressing "Win + R" keys to input "compmgmt.msc" and then clicking "OK" to run this disk management tool.

open disk management

Step 2: Then right-click the dynamic disk which is invalid, two options including "Reactivate disk" and "Convert to Basic Disk" can be used. Please select the second feature to do the conversion.

I believe you may agree with me:
Converting dynamic disk to basic disk causes data loss with Disk Management.

If there are not important files on your dynamic disk, you can run Windows Disk Management to do the conversion. On the contrary, it is not recommended to use this free tool which will lead to data loss if many files are saved on the invalid dynamic hard disk. Just use MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional Edition to convert to basic disk without losing data.

solution 2 Solution 2: Recover Data from Your Invalid Dynamic Disk

In addition, some of you are looking for a way to recover data if there are some important files on this dynamic disk. In the market, there are so many kinds of data recovery tools, among them, MiniTool Power Data Recovery that is developed by MiniTool Solution Ltd. is highly recommended to you. This data recovery software is popular and it is designed to help to retrieve data with its five recovery modules, such as "Undelete Recovery", "Digital Media Recovery", "CD/DVD Recovery", "Lost Partition Recovery" and "Damaged Partition Recovery".

Here your dynamic disk is invalid and you can’t see its partitions, so please choose "Lost Partition Recovery" feature, just like the following screenshot shows.

recover data from invalid dynamic disk

How to recover data? This article Lost Partition Recovery – Don’t Be So Scared Of Partition Loss is useful to guide to do data recovery from invalid dynamic disk. If this way is not useful, try the next way.

solution 3 Solution 3: Import Dynamic Disk Information to another Computer

When mentioning importing dynamic disk information to another PC, many of you don’t know how to do this work. This article How to safely import a dynamic disk can help you. However, it is not simple for this work. In addition, during the process of information importing, the "dynamic disk shows invalid" error often occurs because it is possible that operating system is not compatible.

solution 4 Solution 4: Upgrade to Windows Professional Version

There is no doubt that dynamic disk can not be used in all Windows Home Versions, just like the first reason explains. Therefore, you can upgrade your Windows operating system to Professional Version or a more advanced version from Home Version, and then you are allowed to use the dynamic disk for data storage. In addition, perhaps you will consider reinstalling OS and then connect the dynamic disk to the new system, nevertheless, this way is time-consuming and you need to reinstall applications or programs.

"Here are four ways can be used to repair dynamic disk invalid issue. Just choose a proper one according to your needs. If you are interested in them, just share them with your friends now."

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Tips of Dynamic Disk Invalid

An Analysis to Basic Disk and Dynamic Disk

You may be curious that why the dynamic disk is easy to be invalid. Most of you know basic disk and dynamic disk are two different disk types in Windows. In fact, the disk management mode of the dynamic disk is not the same as the basic disk. As you know, basic disk refers to a disk that contains partitions for data storage. Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems all support basic disk, moreover, some SD cards also support the management mode of the basic disk.

However, dynamic disk provides features that the basic disk doesn’t have. For instance, the ability to create different volumes, including simple volume, spanned volume, striped volume, mirrored volume and RAID 5 volume. Besides, mirrored volume and RAID 5 volume own an outstanding feature, that is the fault tolerance. Nevertheless, the compatibility of the dynamic disk is not good compared to basic disk. Consequently, the possibility that dynamic disk encounters such an invalid issue is very high.

What You Learned

When experiencing "dynamic disk is in invalid status" issue, what can you learn? Pay attention to the three points now:

recommend Please don’t use dynamic disks for data storage in Windows Home Version.
recommend It is a good solution to convert your dynamic disk to basic disk. Before you do, recovering data from the target disk is a good choice.
recommend In addition, after fixing this issue, in order to protect data, we suggest you should make a backup of the entire disk.

Bottom Line

Here comes to the end of this article. Right now you must have had a deep understanding of what is dynamic disk invalid issue, why does this issue occur and how to convert to basic disk. Hope it can help you when meeting such a problem. If you have any suggestion or question, welcome to leave a comment below or email us via [email protected]. Thanks in advance.