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Partition magic for 2003

  • Partition magic can help computer users solve various kinds of disk partition problems. If partition capacity is not enough, partition magic can be employed to resize partition. Partition magic can also be used to backup disk data and increase data security. If the user has a server with a huge hard disk, partition magic is needed much more than ever. Take Windows Server 2003 for example, it is the most powerful server operating system designed for large enterprises and state organizations that demand the highest flexibility, utility and reliability. Windows Server 2003 includes edition of 32bits and edition of 64bits. And the former supports 32 processors and 8 point clusters and its minimum requirement of RAM is 128MB and the upper limit is 512GB. Version of 64bits supports Itanium and Itanium 2, 64 processors and 8 point clusters. And its minimum and maximum requirement is respective 1GB and 512GB. Windows Server 2003 is so powerful that it can not run efficiently and safely by using the built-in Disk Management Tool. Therefore, another powerful partition magic for 2003 is necessary.

    Influencing Factors of Data Security in Windows Server 2003
    If users want to improve server security, data security in Windows Server 2003 must be guaranteed first of all. And every user stores data on servers, especially some large enterprises. As long as the server is on the Internet, potential safety hazards will exist. There is no perfect operating system, and many are becoming safer and safer through constant update. Besides, anti-virus can effectively prevent the virus from invading operating system and damaging files. But operating system and anti-virus can barely guarantee data security because of hacker, who is much more dangerous than virus. No matter how safe the server is and how powerful the anti-virus are, hackers will apply their professional technology to enter the server, damage the important data and even destroy the server operating system, which will cause failure in server boot. If the server of a large enterprise can not boot, it will suffer heavy losses.

    MiniTool Partition Wizard Can Protect Data Security in Server
    If the operating system of server is destroyed, a new one can be reinstalled. But if the other data are damaged, they can not be reinstalled. If data in disk are backed up in advance, the user can recover the original data through the backup when partition data is damaged. And partition magic is employed to backup. MiniTool Partition Wizard has the function of backup. It can backup the whole partition or disk in sever without considering data size. It can not only save time, but guarantee data security effectively. When this partition magic boots:

    Then choose partition needing to backup, and click "Copy" in tool bar:

    Choose an unallocated partition and click "Next"

    Then users can resize the partition storing data backup by dragging the right-oriented arrow. And then click "Finish" back to the main interface:

    There is a partition having no letter(and users need to allocate a letter to it) and the data backup is stored. Finally, users should click "Apply" to finish the operation.
    Although there are many steps in this process, every operation is very simple, which make it convenient to backup data. Together with other functions, MiniTool Partition Wizard enables Windows Server 2003 to run stably. If more informations about MiniTool Partition Wizard are needed, please visit the official website of MiniTool Partition Wizard: https://www.partitionwizard.com/