This post collects some of the best Oculus Quest 2 games, including released and upcoming ones. Learn the corresponding characteristics of these Oculus Quest 2 games and then make your choice. Find the details of these games from MiniTool now.

If you are interested in VR games or own an Oculus Quest 2 headset, this post deserves your attention. It collects some high-rating Oculus Quest 2 games. In other words, some best games for Oculus Quest 2 are listed in this post.

If you encounter unresolvable issues while using Oculus Quest 2, try resetting it with this tutorial: Top 2 Guides on How to Factory Reset Oculus Quest 2

Released Oculus Quest 2 Games

The following Oculus Quest 2 games have been released, which means that you can buy them from platforms like Steam, Oculus Store, and so on at any time.

Half-Life: Alyx

Half-Life: Alyx is a game specifically built for VR headsets by Valve. It gives you excellent VR experiences. Though it’s not a strictly Oculus Quest 2 game, you can enjoy it by connecting the Quest 2 to a gaming PC via a PC link cable.


Half-Life is exclusively available on Steam. If you own a gaming computer, you are able to play this game through Steam VR with the help of a special Oculus link cable.

Puzzling Places

Puzzling Places is considered one of the best Oculus Quest 2 games even if it has a limited number of puzzles and a strange interface. The 3D environments that you can piece together are quite hypnotic. It charges you $15 at Meta.

Population: One

The multiplayer battle royale experience of Population: One is pretty Fortnite-like. As a matter of fact, it can’t be regarded as a simple Fortnite clone because of its innovation. You and two teammates will be dropped into a hostile environment to look for weapons and supplies to be the last group standing.

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Nock VR

Nock VR is a combination of archery and soccer. As you are armed with a bow, you can shoot arrows at the ball instead of using your feet to kick it. Additionally, you can fly too. When you zoom up toward the ceiling to aim your bow at the ball, you will feel like you’re Robin Hood with wings.

Superhot VR

Superhot VR started as a browser-based tech demo in 2013. It is one of the VR games that makes you feel like a total badass. To be specific, it allows you to escape gunfire and ninja stars while using weaponry in your environment to shatter your adversaries into a heap of broken glass.

There are three reasons why you are addicted to this game. First and foremost, it’s immensely satisfying and therapeutic. Secondly, time only moves when you move in the Superhot world. Lastly, you can be unarmed in one moment.

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I Expect You To Die 2

Nothing is what it seems in I Expect You To Die 2, so you should keep your eyes peeled for deceptive characters, tripwires, bombs, poisonous food, and other fatal traps. Besides, you have to outsmart villains, avoid setting off toxic gas, and repair an elevator during this game.

With charming characters, brilliant voice acting, and a spy-cliché filled story, I Expect You To Die 2 reaches a great balance of grand adventure, humor, and puzzles. To win the game, you should try your best to stay alive, dodge bullets and darts, and work out mind-bending puzzles. In a word, the fate of the world rests in your hands.

The Room VR: A Dark Matter

Like I Expect You To Die 2, this is also an escape room game on Quest. If you are bored with high intensity VR games or bright and colorful VR games, The Room VR: A Dark Matter is suitable for you. It is one of the games for Oculus Quest 2 and Oculus Quest headsets.

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Rec Room

It’s a social hub and also a doorway to tons of social games. With a seemingly limitless set of possibilities, it includes mini-adventures, paintball games, etc. You can hide behind various obstacles, climb to high vantage points to shoot enemies from afar, and snag numerous weapons littered throughout the arena.

It’s worth noting that it is one of the free Oculus Quest 2 games. You don’t need to buy it.

Upcoming Oculus Quest 2 Games

Colossal Cave

Initially released in 1976 as a text-based adventure game, Colossal Cave comes from Cygnus Entertainment. This VR remake will be a full 3D reimagining of the game. It will force gamers to move through a large cave while solving puzzles along the way. It is set to be released in the Fall of 2022.

Espire 2

Similar to the original, Espire 2 lets you use your mic to intimidate soldiers with orders. Differently, this Oculus Quest 2 game has a unique co-op campaign that occurs between the first and second games. It’s expected to be released in November 2022.

How to buy games for Oculus Quest 2? Well, you can buy preferred Oculus Quest 2 games from the Oculus Store.

Free Oculus Quest 2 Games

There is a list of best games for Oculus Quest 2. The best part of these games is free of charge.

  • Gun Raiders
  • Battle Talent
  • Gods of Gravity
  • Pavlov Shack Beta
  • Echo VR
  • Seeker VR
  • Gorilla Tag
  • VRChat
  • Krossa
  • Gym Class
  • Ancient Dungeon Beta
  • The Silkworm
  • Elixir

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